Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mickey #5

For anyone who thought that I'd been expelled from the mouse of the month're wrong. In early February we had Mickey#4. We didn't even know we had him around...he got himself caught in a hidden trap leftover from Mickey#3.

As the end of March is almost over, we thought that we'd be mouse free in March. That was until Mickey#5 made an appearance in our living room(!!) and hid behind the tv. Hubby blocked all the doorways to the rest of the apartment and opened the front door. He then moved the tv and Mickey #5 ran out the door. Hubby figured he'd be back and set more traps. This morning Mickey#5 was found dead. Can't say I'm sorry.

We hate this apartment. Its been 7 months since we moved here. T minus 5 months until we can move again (if we can afford it).

Kudos to anonymous hubby for catching the nasty rodent. Anonymous hubby makes his first appearance on my blog! Well, kinda...

Let's move on to prettier things. The other day was nice weather, so we went to the park close to our apartment. Its the 2nd highest point in Brooklyn. Considering we're in South Brooklyn, the view of Manhattan is amazing.

You can see the Empire State Building in the middle. The Empire State Building is in midtown Manhattan, which is about 45 minutes away by subway.

Here's a pic that shows the downtown Manhattan skyline. That area is the financial district, including Wall Street) nd I work in one of theose buildings.

You can also see the Staute of Liberty from here. She's small but visible. That church on the left is where anonymous hubby and I got married.

The pictures are clickable if you want a closer look. Not a bad view, eh?


Laura said...

Wow, what great pictures! The first place my husband and I lived together was a high-rise apartment complex. Me, my husband, and my sister shared a cramped 5th floor 2 bedroom, roach infested (until my dad brought us home some boric acid from the chemical plant where he worked) apartment, with a view of the garbage dumpster, and a homeless guy sleeping in the hallway of our floor. By the time we moved out 5 years later, my husband was working as a maintenance tech at the building, and so me, my husband and our daughter (my sister had gotten her own place by then) had a much bigger, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom apartment, on the 16th floor, in a nicer building in the complex, facing Lake Erie, for $122 a month, with no utilities. I would say ah, that was the life, but my husband barely made above minimum wage, and between that and the expensive health insurance, we still weren't getting ahead financially.

Anyway, that picture of your husband was just TOO funny! I actually laughed out loud when I saw it.

I'm sorry to hear about your mouse problem. I think that would freak me out.

Laura said...

P.S. Interestingly, the house we're renting now is right across the street from the high-rise complex. Funny how that worked out. I wonder if the boric acid would work on mice? It's OK to use around kids if they're old enough not to put non-food stuff in their mouths. You can buy it at any drug store. You just sprinkle it around cracks and crevices by your walls, in cupboards (if your food is covered), etc., and use a broom to push it into all the little crevices.

Laurah said...

Yuck on the mouse/rat problem! As a kid in Portland, OR we had rats occasionally. The basement toilet was off limits because they would crawl out of the bowl if the lid was left up.
I love the pictures of the city!

Andrea Moberly said...

I can identify with the mouse problems! The house i grew up in was way out in the country, and we regularly had field mice. We had an old hamster wheel sitting out that my mom actually caught a mouse running on in the middle of the night! It squeaked when it turned and woke her up... i guess rodents really do like those things! (we also found a snake in the house once, but that's a whole other story!)

I'm so jealous of your view. We live near Indianapolis, but the skyline is nothing like that. I've only had the brief pleasure of a drive through NYC, no stops at all 'cause my dad hates cities :( Maybe my hubbie and I will take the kids there for a trip someday!

Zarah said...

Mice = ick! Sorry you have to deal with that. Beautiful pictures though - they make me want to come visit (even more than I already wanted to go to NY).

Bezzie said...

Not a bad view at all. You can see New Jersey if you can see the statue ;-)

Yeah I lost count of how many mice we killed but believe it or not, we appear to be mouse free now. Or at least they don't poop everywhere. Ha ha!

CraftyAshley said...

Totally understand the mouse problem last summer I think we killed 8. 3 or 4 were baby mice. Which are extra creepy cause they are so small. We finally had to use poison stuff even with our three small kids we had to use it. Finally no more mice. (hopefully) Those were beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics!! Holy cow about the mices! I had seen several here, in the city, but none in the house, luckily. One was a huge field rat, umder a bridge near the train tracks. Another was inside the garden here, but only because street work was done a month before we moved here, and it disturbed the rat houses. The rat was obviously sick, the ex owners had set out poisonings. it was funny. hubby trapped the rat in a bucket, let him out in the street, and as soon as we came inside, a police car came by and stopped at a bar close by! LOL, hubby said it was probably the rat walking into the bar.

Lesalicious said...

Love the pics make me feel like I am right there looking at the sky light. :) OMG hate mouses yikes :(

PeWee said...

Hopefully that's the last of the mickeys! Hello Anon Hubby! GREAT views! I've never been to the city!

Artemis said...

Ooh that makes me miss NYC so much! I'm sorry that this apartment has been such a pain for you.