Sunday, March 23, 2008

Its a circus around here!

Well, not around here but in the Meadowlands in Joisy. Every other year, my dad takes the whole clan to the circus. Its always fun, though the wind was so bad during the drive, I nearly piddled myself! Did I mention I'm not much of a driver? Anyhoo, here are some highlights from the circus.

These clowns need better costumes.

We made it to the circus early enough to go down into the rings for the pre-show meet and greet with the circus performers. These jugglers were amazing!

I don't know what this bouncy tire shaped thing is, but I want one! How much fun is that?!?

The motorcycle riders in the dome. This has always been one of Pi's favorite parts of the circus. She was pleasantly surprised to see that two of the drivers were women! I'm worried she might run away to the circus to drive a motorcycle.

Don't our husbands wish we could do this?

The elephants! No matter how many times I see them, it always strikes me what magnificent creatures they are!

See ya in 2010 Barnum and Bailey!
Happy Easter everyone! My father and sisters were confirmed last night in a gorgeous Easter Vigil mass. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some pics up in the next few days. If I'm a bit slow in posting, forgive me, I'm on vacation this week and we will be running around doing kid-friendly activities. I have a feeling I won't be able to crochet as much as I'd hoped.
Hope everyone enjoys their Easter day!


Bezzie said...

My husband tells the story of when he was on a business trip in Baltimore and he was coming home to his hotel from the conference and Ringling Bros was packing up a show and loading the elephants into their crates--he goes to cross the street, looks one way to make sure there was no oncoming traffic only to see a string of elephants walking by! I wish I could have seen that!

Laura said...

They do the same thing when the circus comes to Cleveland - the animals are paraded down the street to the arena. Do you know I've never actually been to a circus though? With 6 kids, and not a whole lot of money, things like circuses were too expensive for my parents. My oldest sister (who's 12 or 13 years old then me) and my brother in law were going to take me for when I was about 12, but I ended up with a nasty tonsil infection, and couldn't go. My husband went to the circus with my daughter's daycare class when she was about 4 (parents could come to help as chaperones), and he said they had dancing zebras. Zebras are one of my favorite animals - I would have loved to have seen that.

Laura said...

P.S. Congrats on your father's and sister's Confirmations!

Laurah said...

That looks like so much fun! My dad actually took my brother and I to the circus until we were teenagers. It was a fun family venture and he always bought us those snowcones that come in giant mugs. The motorcycle in the cage thing is crazy! (Did you see the Simpson Movie?)

Mimi said...

How cute those elephants are!
We were able to watch something similar (maybe the same circus company), many years ago. I couldn't stand to watch the daredevil motorcycle number in the cage (I'm claustrophobic...)

CraftyAshley said...

The circus looked like tons of fun. My family and I have never been and you have sold me that we need to try! Hope you had a nice Easter and have fun with your daughter!

Cami said...

Wow, it looks like tons of fun at the Circus! I remember a few years ago when I went (okay maybe like 5 years) and I got to ride an elephant. They are super hairy! It was still cool nonetheless. I am also wondering how your cathedral blanket is coming along?

Lesalicious said...

Look like you all had a blaze. Love the picture with you and your daughter awww so cute.:)