Monday, March 31, 2008

It flew by

Vacation, I mean. It just flew! One week at home always goes so much faster than one week at work.

We didn't do anything crazy since we're trying to conserve some cash, so we did alot of low budget things. We went to the park, bowling, a birthday party, and had Pi's cousin over for a sleepover on Saturday night. Pi and her cousin Michaela are only 8 months apart, so it was like having twins for the night. There was alot of giggling, playing, and squeals of "I love Troy!" That's the kid from High School Musical.

Michaela went to bed about 1:30 a.m. and Pi went to bed around 2:30. Those knuckleheads were awake at 6 a.m.! I was too tired to get up right away, so they helped themselves to a package of nacho lunchables for a pre-breakfast. LOL! Crazy kids!

Over the last few days, I've been finishing up some hats for the March charity blitz. I promised to make 25 but by Friday, only had 17. I debated on just sending the 17, but I hate to go back on a promise, so I finished up the 25th hat Sunday morning. I used the pattern that the blitz organizer provided...just 10 rows of simple dc with a shell border.

I also particpated in the blog contest over at Knits and Knots. Since the contest is over, I can show you my rain cloud. I didn't have blue thread, so I used the thinnest blue cotton yarn I had. This is a cute pattern! I'm going to add 2 magnets to the back as soon as I can get to the store and make it a fridgie.

I'm gearing up for April's Swap at Swap Swap Gals. It should be alot of fun!


Anonymous said...

hi welcome back! i sent you an email last week, but forgot you were on vaca. can you send me the pattern for that hat? i absolutely love it! you know i love quick projects and that hat is so pretty! anony joyce

Laura said...

I'm with you on the low-budget things, LOL! It's like a splurge for me and my husband just to take our kids to the movies. Last time we went (and this was with one free movie pass, and sneaking in candy from the dollar store), we still spent about $60.

One of my coworkers lived in NYC briefly as a teenager, and said a lot of the museums there were free - is that still the case?

There's a website called Go City Kids, where you can sign up for free weekly email newsletters for your city (most major cities) with listings of (a lot are free or cheap) activities for kids in your area. I found out about the science spring break camp through one of their newsletters.

My Bethany has two girl cousins who are very close in age - my niece Alexis is 9 months older than her, and my niece Rosie is 5 months younger than her. She loves playing with them, although Bethany's never really gotten into High School Musical. She really likes Hannah Montana though.

Laura said...

P.S. I agree with Joyce about the hat! What kind of yarn did you use - very pretty!

Lesalicious said...

I love the cloud you did so cute. Great job on the hat. Good luck on finishing up the rest of them. I see you is gearing up for the swap on Swap Swap Gals I am toally geared up myself. :)

Laurah said...

Congrats on finishing your goal of 25 hats! (That's 50 ends!) The picture of them looks so pretty. I love the yarn, also.
Bowling sounds like fun. I'm not that great at bowling and I like playng with the gutter protector up. Then you can stratagiize with where to bounce the ball off the guard. I love put-put golf, too.
Your daughter must have had a great time to stay up until 2:30 and then get up at 6am! At that age I remember going to sleepovers where the big thing was to huddle around the clock and argue about whether 'tomorrow' was 12:00 or 12:01 and then fall asleep exhausted.
I'm probably going to join in on the purse swap, also!

CraftyAshley said...

Wow 25 hats! Sorry to hear that your vacation is over. Can't believe those girls woke up so early after going to bed so late. I do notice that with my own kids for some reason the latter they go to bed the earlier they get up. Geez crazy kids. I'm hoping to do the next swap especially if it is a purse swap. Love purses!

Anonymous said...

I love fridgies! I miss fridgies! I have been trying t talk hubby into getting a "normal" refrigerator. I will blog about our fridge tomorrow, so you can see why I miss fridgies.

Christina said...

Thanks for the comments! The yarn I used is Bernat's Baby Coordinates for the blue and yellow hats. The pink ones in the background are Red Heart Soft and Caron Simply Soft. Joyce, we need to get together soon!

Cami said...

What a great hat pattern, looks super simple, yet super cute. You are so amazing to donate your time and talents.

Zuleika said...

That is an amazing amount of hats! Very nice of you to make so many! The little cloud is too cute!

2kute said...

the hats are gorgeous. thanks!