Monday, August 10, 2009

Keeping me sane.

There have been times when I can go weeks without touching a hook, a stick, or anything even remotely crafty. Usually this happens after I've made a ton of gifts, like at Christmas time. You'd think between the packing, organizing, work, and having just finished the toy drive that I would be spent and take a break for a bit.

No such luck. I've had the crazy urge to start every project that catches my eye. I'm like a stark raving mad lunatic, swatching and frogging and measuring and frogging some more.

I've started 3 projects just this past week! Those are the ones that I got correct gauge on. What the heck is wrong with me?

After our relaxing day on Saturday, we agreed to work on the bedroom closets. Knowing that most of my sewing supplies are in my bedroom closet, I pretty much went into full blown panic mode. I HAD to sew something before it was all packed up. Had obsessively so.

I needed something fast, easy, and that used scraps. I decided on a pillowcase dress, in a size 24 months, based on these instructions from Nap Time Crafts.

Sorry for the washed out pic. This was bright 6:30am light.

I didn't even have enough thread in one color for both the bobbin and the top thread. So I worked with white on one side and blue on the other. Classy, I know, but I was like a crack fiend.

There are plenty of screw-ups on this one, but it came out well enough to take the edge off my need to sew. The dress went to my friend Kiki's baby girl, Andreanna. They're heading on vacation tomorrow and she happens to be a size 24 months. The bonus is that Kiki forgives all my sewing mess ups. :)

I've already swatched and started the Stellar Motif Tunic from the latest issue of Crochet Today. Somebody stop me!


Kristina P. said...

What a great idea! So clever. And cute!

Bezzie said...

I know exactly what you're talking about--I turned into an uber beeyotch during that spreadsheet project when I couldn't make stuff. Cute dress!

Snap said...

This will keep you sane while you pack! :D :D

Kado! said...

I love that style dress....I see them all over ETSY and bought one for my it!

Lorena said...

Great Job! If it keeps you sane keep crafting!

Laura said...

Cute dress!

I think we're the opposite - when I'm stressed out or depressed,I can't bring myself to do much of anything, not even knitting or crocheting. I just feel like sitting on the couch and not moving. I've been feeling like that pretty much all week.

Cami said...

Super cute! Great ideas, keep them coming. Oh, and I just used a hot glue gun to make those hair barrettes with the yo-yo's. Super simple and I got a pack of hair clips at my local craft store for 1.50$

Mommys Online Garage Sale said...

Funny Post....I understand the NEED.

Cute top too!