Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh Baby, Baby (Image Heavy)

Oh man, I love 3 day weekends. One day for chores and the other 2 days for relaxation. We stayed up late and slept in all 3 days (staying up late means 11pm for me, lol). I crocheted on and off all weekend, but not on my CRW. I'm slacking.

Instead, I worked on the Pink Parfait by Rebecca Leigh. The pattern is in a leaflet called Beautiful Baby Boutique by Annie's Attic. This dress is for Katrina's baby, who will be born tomorrow!

My model's name is Teddy and Pi insists Teddy is a boy. She was fairly offended that I would put a dress on Teddy, but since he's in a dress, I'll call him Theodora for now. :)~

The dress is sized approximately 9-12 months. The pattern only goes up to a 6 month sizing, but I wanted something the baby could use when she was a bit older. I remember getting so much newborn stuff for Pi, but practically nothing sized larger than 6 months. I used a thicker yarn and went up a hook size to get the larger size.

The pink is Lion Cotton and the white is Sugar and Cream.

I love the pineapple design and it worked up very quickly. I love Rebecca Leigh's patterns!

I also recently sent 2 baby blankets off to a woman in CA who is collecting them for the NICU in her area. The NICU helped save her child's life and she is trying to pay it back by delivering 60 blankets by Christmas. I started these about a month ago and worked on them in spurts.
This one is just plain grannies in an unknown variegated yarn, pink Caron pounder, and white RHSS. Talk about stash busting. It measures 25x25.
This next one is from Precious Moments Doll and Afghan leaflet from Annie's Attic**. I used Joanns Rainbow Boucle and a J hook. Since I wanted it to be much smaller than the pattern, I cut down the amount of starting chains and did less pattern repeats. It measures 27x24 and is so so soft!

Close up of the stitch pattern

**That ebay auction is not mine nor do I know who that seller is. I only linked to show you the leaflet...I don't endorse this seller. Just in case, ya know?


Bezzie said...

Cute dress! I'm glad I'm not the only one using models of the stuffed variety ;-)

Lesalicious said...

I know Katrina will love that dress very cute. Great job.:)

Andrea Moberly said...

Cute stuff! Those families will appreciate the blankets, I'm sure :)

Laura said...

Wow, beautiful projects! I love the dress, and the rainbow boucle blanket (alas, I can't crochet with boucle yarns - can't see my stitches in it)!

Laura said...

P.S. My daughter has a boy hamster (Chester) who lives in a pink cage, and my son has a girl hamster (Junior - yep, he named her Junior) who lives in a blue cage, so tell Pi it's OK if the boy teddy wears a dress, LOL!

Laurah said...

That pineapple dress is so cute! I really like the red yarn, and the model wasn't too shabby either. The blankets are great, too. It's nice to give them to the NICU.

Zuleika said...

You've been busy! I absolutely love that dress! Theodora seems to like it as well. ;-)
I did a search on ravelry and will save the pattern in my queue and have a look at Rebeccas' other patterns. I don't have any babies, or know anyone with a girl, but I've been dying to make some small article of clothing for a while. :-)

Those blankets you crocheted are really sweet and I'm glad they're going to such a good cause. :-) Great work!

Patti said...

Very pretty teddy all dressed up, lol. As for the dress, I love it. Pineapples are beautiful.

Bennance said...

What a great dress! I like the model, too. And the blankets are lovely.

Subway Hooker said...

Jeez, woman, how do you find the time?

Great work!

Katrina said...

Thanks for the lovely dress for my daughter Kalynn!!!!! We love it. I am glad that you made it bigger. She'll get more wear out of it that way. I'll share pics as soon as she sports it!!!