Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's 12:30 a.m. and I'm waiting for Piper to come home. I thought these days wouldn't come til the teen years! My aunt and uncle picked her up about 7 to hang out for a bit with Pi's cousin Michaela and they haven't gotten back yet. Since I'm waiting up, I'll share Pi's birthday.

She went from this:

to this practially overnight!

She turned 8 on Monday. I swear I feel like I gave birth to her yesterday. When I tell her that, she just rolls her eyes at me and laughs. She got some small things from hubby and I including a purse, some tank tops, and build a bear accessories. Her great grandparents bought her a new tv and everyone else gave her cash. Between her birthday money, allowance, and saved money from other holidays, she bought herself a Wii. I'm proud of her that she decided on a goal and saved until she reached that goal. If you haven't played one, you should try it at the video game store....its alot of fun!

I bought this bag from Katrina to give to Pi as a birthday gift. She loves it! She stuffed it with her towel and sprinkler things before we headed for the park today. (anyone notice how she's posed some of the amis I've made in the tree in the back? LOL).

Watching her grow is fascinating. Its surreal to see this amazing personality just blossom in front of my eyes. She's gone from a little bundle that only ate, slept, and pooped to this little person who has thoughts, attitude, opinions, and dreams. She talks about what she wants to be when she grows up! To hear her talk about her future as an adult is incredible! Man, I love that kid!

*yawn* I hope she gets home soon. I'm sleepy!


Bezzie said...

Chunky's a year behind--I feel your bittersweet pain! ha ha!

Cute bag! But I think I'm more jealous of a sprinkler right now. ;-)

Lesalicious said...

Awww look at Pi, Happy Bday. Yes, they tend to grow up so fast. You look at there pictures and be like I remember when you was this small lol and see how big they have got how fast they have learn. :)


Laura said...

Wow, that's some birthday - a new TV and a Wii?!

I know what you mean - my Bethany is turning into a littl preteen. It makes me feel old!

Happy birthday, Pi!

Zuleika said...

Happy birthday Pi!
It is so amazing how time flies. I swear my 15 yr. old was just born recently. ;-) One thing though, no matter how old your kids get, they'll always be your babies. :-)

I want a Nintendo Wii soooo bad!! It's my goal for the next month. :-) Oh, and my boys can play with it too. hee-hee

Karen said...

I feel like I just gave birth yesterday too. And Dan also rolls his eyes when I talk about him as a baby ("yeah, yeah, forget about the old days, I'm a big boy now!").

I'm amazed she save enough for a Wii. Good going Pi!