Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doc appointment

This might be TMI for some, so if you're not interested in reading about my reproductive health, go and read CNN or something equally as educational.

I went to the doc yesterday for my yearly exam plus to talk about my cycle issues. The waiting room was jammed packed with pregnant ladies. All of them round and glowing. *sigh*

Anyhoo, when it was my turn, I slipped into a sexy pink paper gown. Nothing screams "hot" more than the crinkle of that shapeless gown. The doc did his thing (giving me a great view of his toupe, which could really use an upgrade) and told me my pelvic position is good, uteris isn't tipped, and my cervix looks like a superstar. Great. Then I tell him about my wacky cycles and he tells me the same thing he did before. Its just a cycle change.

What!?! Two years worth of changing?

He doesn't seem to think that bleeding for so long is a problem. Even though I'm anemic and this much blood loss obviously doesn't help. Did he offer blood work? No. Did he offer a sonogram? No. Did he offer a "wow, that's gotta suck?" No. Know what his solution was? Birth control.

Now this doc has been my doc for 9 years. When I came back to Catholocism, I explained to the doc that I was morally opposed to birth control and would not use it. I also explained this when I got married nearly 3 years ago...I explained that my hubby and I are open to life, whenever God chose to give it to us...aka, we're open to pregnancy. You'd think someone would have written this in my chart. When I told him, yet again, that I'm opposed, he actually smirked at me and gave me a "you're one of those people" looks. I was furious. I don't judge him for prescribing it, but he's judging me for choosing not to use it. On top of that, birth control only MASKS the symptoms. It doesn't actually help you find out why there are irregularities in the first place.

After explaining that birth control is not an option for me, I asked him what we could do to find out what was wrong. He told me that I should focus on pregnancy because when I'm pregnant I won't have cycle issues and that maybe my issues will resolve themselves after a pregnancy. While I'd love to have a baby, this doesn't seem like the most responsible advice to give me about my super long periods. I'm waiting for my pap results and then will likely start looking into a second opinion.

I'm frsutrated that a doctor I've been with for so long is sugarcoating my concerns.

Whatever, its his loss. I'll just get into that sexy pink gown for some other doctor.


Andrea Moberly said...

Definitely see another doc... yours should not be dismissing your concerns!

Mimi said...

I wonder if being a male, makes him less understanding of female cycles and reproductive problems.
I hope you find out for sure what's wrong so you can help yourself.
I also do not believe in artificial birth control and never used it.

Laura said...

My OB/GYN I had through my pregnancies with both of my kids was a man, but was wonderful - very kind and understanding, and extremely helpful. My younger sister used to go to him to, and was equally happy with him. I was so sad when he took a job out of the state.

The doctor I had after that, for this last pregnancy (the one I miscarried) was also a man, but was awful - completely insensitive and not helpful in the least when I was going through my problems with the pregnancy. I found out on a Friday that the baby had died, talked to him on the phone on Saturday, and then went in for an appointment with him on Monday morning, and he walked into the exam room all cheerful and asked me how my baby was doing! I know he had a lot of other patients, but didn't he even look at my chart before he saw me? Needless to say I was very upset. I haven't gone back to him since. I plan to find a new doctor once I get some insurance again.

Maybe one of your female coworkers might be able to recommend a better doctor.

I've used birth control pills off and on for years. It helped greatly with regulating my periods, but since it's something your're opposed to, you'd think the doctor would recommend something other than just telling you to get pregnant.

Besides, if you have some kind of underlying health problem that hasn't been diagnosed, it could cause problems with the pregnancy. And, if you haven't used any form of birth control in 3 years, and haven't gotten pregnant, possibly there is some underlying problem that needs to be diagnosed.

Good luck with getting to the bottom of it. You really have my sympathy.

Bezzie said...

Why yes, having an expensive baby that you have to raise for at least the next 18 years. That's a perfect solution! Dr. Jersey must have a NY brother. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You know, this doctor is a MO MO. I hate when they ask for your life history and then complete forget by the next visit. Like, why did you ask in the first place?? I think its a great idea to see a new doc! I know a couple of good ones in SI but I'm sure you don't want to travel there. Anony Joyce

Lesalicious said...

I so hope you can find out what is wrong, I also had that problem where I bleed way to long sometimes twice a month and found out that I had ovary cysts not trying to scare your or anything but, that was for me. They did a ultrasound and found out I had 4 and 1 had started bleeding and wouldn't stop so I and to have surgery to get the cysts removed but, still have both of my ovaries and now my period I wont say is normal due to me having a IUD now. But, I can't say how to help you get pregnant because I got pregnant twice while on birth control. With Nesa on the depo shot and with Nellie the patch and pills. Hope all goes will and you find a new doctor that will listen to what you have to say and hope to find out what is the problem.

Karen said...

If you want a doc recommendation, gimme a shout. I started seeing mine in 97, and only left briefly for prenatal care elsewhere (hospital she's affilited with is in Westchester....wasn't ideal for us living in Bensonhurst). In fact, I'm still planning on going to her, even though I'm so far into NJ (she's in Manhattan, 32nd St).

You MUST get another doctor, one that will write things down in your chart so you don't have to repeat them, and one that will not give you snide remarks and dismiss your concerns.

Artemis said...

Anyone that condescending shouldn't be allowed to look at vaginas for a living. Go see someone new.

If you want I'll give you the name of my Doc in Manhattan. I know it'd be a trek for you, but some doctors are worth it.

P.S. I'm probably going to have to find an OB/Gyn about 1.5 hours away because there are no female OB/Gyns out here in the boondocks. XD