Friday, July 4, 2008

Awesomely Retro

Not sure if I spelled awesomely right. Hmm...

Anyhow, I received my Singer sewimg machine manual in the mail and man is it retro! I haven't had a chance to try to sew yet, but just reading through the manual is alot of fun.

Look at these ladies about to enter a "new world of sewing enjoyment." Every last one of them is dressed in a skirt and tucked in blouse.

You can even sew with your heels on! Maybe no one else will find this as amusing as me, but I thought the retro-ness of the manual is great.

My dad is something of a "saver." I hesitate to use the word pack rat because that sounds disorganized and messy, which my dad isn't. Not too long ago, he was cleaning out his storage unit and found some old stuff of mine. First is a baby book my parents started for me, so I thought I'd share some retro Chris.

Check out that fro!

Now here's some not-so-awesome retro. I'm even a little embarrased to show you the extent of my obsession with....90210!

My dad found the playing card collection that was popular (please, please, I hope they were popular with more people than just me!) when the show was on-air.

I haven't gone through all of them, but it looks like it might be the entire collection of cards with a bunch of doubles. Holy cow, I was pathetic...granted, I was like 10, but still.

Now what the hell do I do with them?

I didn't make my self-imposed July deadline for the CRW, but I'm getting close. I'd say another weekend or two and it should be all done. I can't wait til that is behind me!

Happy Fourth of July my friends!


Jen said...

There might be an eBay market for those 90210 cards soon. They're bringing a new version of the series to television in the fall.

I love the retro sewing manual. And the kid with the bubble afro is so cute! :)

Laura said...

Boy, that makes me feel old, to think that you were only 10 when 90210 was out, and I was 18 or 19, LOL! My younger sister and I used to love that show! I really don't remember the trading cards though.

That sewing manual is too funny! It's like on Leave it to Beaver where the mom used to put on a nice dress, and heels and pearls to stay home all day and do housework, ha, ha!

Love the fro too, LOL! Don't feel bad - I have some like that of my kids, too!

Bezzie said...

I was 12 when that series started...but we never got that channel so I never watched.

Ha ha, the exciting world of sewing!! WOO!

Karen said...

I was in high school when 90210 started. I loved the show (and plan on watching the new one), but didn't know they had cards. I might have purchased them if they did!

LOVE the retro manual!

Snappish said...

I loved 90210 and I am looking forward to the new series coming out this fall.

As for your self-imposed deadline for July, you didn't say when in July did you? That would be my loophole anyway. LOL

Thanks for sharing your pics!

Mimi said...

Its awesome seeing the old stuff that's still working now.
I have a very similar sewing machine, that I got from my mom. I did not need the manual, since it got stuck on doing straight stitches more zigzags or other fancy stitches :p
Your little Christina pics look wonderful ;)

Lesalicious said...

LOL awww look at Ms. Christina looking so cute and retro lol.:) I see your manual is oh so retro looks like the 50's there lol. Can't wait to see you whip up some sewn projects:)

Lorena said...

My sewing machine manual isn't as neat as just writing.

Katrina said...

Ha!!! The sewing manual is too funny. If it were me, they would hae a picture of a barefoot on the sewing pedal. I have to kick my shoes/ socks off to sew.