Wednesday, June 23, 2010

School's Out!!!

Pi's last day of school is today, which means it's officially summer in the "K" household!!

We wanted to give a small thank you to the three teachers who helped Piper adjust to NJ's curriculum. It's way different than NY's and their help was invaluable. They each got a Dunkin Donuts gift card, Hershey kisses in a disposable coffee cup, and a coffee cozy.

I winged the pattern for the cozy by tracing a cardboard one from Starbucks and adding elastic to one seam.

So to all you teachers out there, Thanks a "Latte" for all you do! Heehee, I love the cheesiness of it!


Andrea Moberly said...

Love it :) I like the touch of homemade with the very practical gift!

Cami said...

This are so super cute! I love them. Where do you get all these cute gifting ideas? I loved your father's day presents by the way!

Caroline said...

You teacher gifts ate so thoughtful and the teachers will love the play on words(at least I would).

Laura said...

Wow, Piper just got out of school today? My kids' last day was June
9th. Maybe schools in Northeast get out later, and go back later than here in the Midwest?

You come up with the cutest gifts! Did the principal get her quilt yet?

Kristina P. said...

Haha, love the little pun. Cute!

Snap said...

Wonderful gifts! How did the quilt presentation go???

Bezzie said...

Ha, no, Jersey kids just go to school more than other kids. We don't go back that much later than midwest kids. One of the reason Jersey schools are the best in the nation ;-).

Cute gift! I tried the coffee cozee thing with the boys' teachers. They didn't understand what they were. Sigh.