Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tap Tap, Anybody out there?

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words about Jacob. It means alot to me and Jeannie.

After the stress of that week, we were swamped with communion and birthday parties. Oh, and my MIL came home from the hospital awhile ago. But, I''m back and hopefully, I'll be around more regularly. Time seems to be getting away from me lately.

Piper went to a carnival themed birthday party today, rides, snowcone machine and all. More than 35 kids were invited to the party. Talk about nuts! I try to throw good parties for Piper, but I can't imagine spending that much to rent a bunch of rides and being responsible for that any munchkins. Pi had a great time though and came home with three new family members.

Meet Joshua, Angelina, and Tabitha. Piper insisted we go to the store right away, so she could use her own money to buy them a bowl and fish food.

While she was at the party, I did some much needed spring cleaning on my sewing machine. Lucky for me, there was a video on Sew Mama Sew on how to clean and oil your machine and the featured machine is the exact same one I have. Hubby helped me with the oiling because I'm a big baby and wouldn't do it myself.

I was also able to finish up some WIPs that had been sitting on my sewing table for over a month. I'll get them posted as soon as I get some pics of them.

Hope you had a good weekend!


Kristina P. said...

Pretty fish!

Laura said...

Yikes, that had to have been one expensive birthday party!

Cute names for the fish! A few weeks ago, my daughter talked me into letting her keep a toad that she found in my Mom's backyard. I can't believe I went to the pet store and bought dried crickets! I think I cave in too easily to my kids, ha, ha! Next time my daughter wants a pet (besides our cat we already have), I think I'll just get her another hamster!

Looking forward to seeing your sewing projects!

Lesalicious said...

Liked the fishes cute. My girls want some fishes I will have to think about it.
I also have to do some spring sew machine cleaning myself.:)
Can't wait to see your sewing projects. Happy sewing.

Bezzie said...

Ah! Carnival fish! A rite of childhood!

Is that the video of the southern lady cleaning her machine with the really long fingernails? I used that one to clean my machine too!

Snap said...

I love gold fish! If I didn't have cats, I'd take the goldfish plunge again! Welcome back. Life gets busy, doesn't it?!

T. Joi said...

Glad to see you are back. Maybe now my motivation will kick in. I have a ton of WIPs and haven't touched my hooks in a while. Send some mojo my way please and thank you.

Tell Pi I wish her luck with the fish.

kado! said...

sounds like a really fun party!

way to go on the sewing machine! I wish I was not scared of breaking mine...then maybe I'd actually use it once or twice!