Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I'm a day late and a dollar short. I won't mention it again if you don't. ;)

We had a morning visitor this weekend. Geese all the way from the lake in my town. We're not that close to the lake, so we were pretty surprised to see this guy walking around. Eventually, he plopped himself down on the lawn and sunbathed for awhile.

We went to see my family for Mother's Day on Saturday night, since we were picking Piper up in Brooklyn anyway. Using the April Bag pattern, I made purses for both my mother and dirty Grandma.

Mom's bag is in the silky pink material she loves so much. Its lined in a solid maroon. I made the bag a bit boxier than the pattern called for since I had square handles.

Dirty Grandma got a round purse with big green handles. It's very "spring" and something she'd definitely walk around with.

I also embroidered a tea towel for mom and wrapped lemon cookies in it. I was hoping to make two, but I ran out of time. The flame in the pan makes me giddy, I love it so much.

We ended the night with mom's Shitzu falling asleep, belly-up on my lap. We're pretty convinced that she thinks she's a baby.

Sunday morning, Piper made me scrambled eggs and toast all by herself (supervised by hubby, of course). She also gave me a sweet handmade card and a plant from the school sale.
It was a nice day. I hope you all had a great Mother's Day!!


Andrea Moberly said...

I think you impress me more each time you post something! You rock that embroidery needle, girl!

Kristina P. said...

Great job on the bags! So cute!

Laura said...

Handmade gifts from the kids are the best!

I love the purses and the embroidery! Your embroidery is fantastic! You're becoming more and more the multi-skilled crafter! I can't even thread a needle without poking myself, ha, ha!

Bezzie said...

Great bags! And cookies!!! Happy mother's day!

Erika's Crafts Corner said...

Those two bags are very lovely and you did a great job on them. I bet they loved receiving them. Your embroidery is very nice also. Personally I have done gross-stitch in the past, but embroidery is not my cup of tea.

Glad you had a nice mother's day. The Shi-Tzu did what mine always do and yes they are the biggest babies.

Have a nice evening

kado! said...

those bags are cute...but I have my eye on that kitchen towel! I LOVE it! might possibly be because it is filled with lemon cookies too...!