Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Just some random stuff from the last few weeks...

During the school year, Pi had been promoted from the beginner band to the intermediate band. She had her recital last week and the kids sounded way better than they did in the fall. After the concert, she was promoted again to the advanced band! Sweet!

Pi: Mom, stop EMBARRASSING me!

The goldfish Pi won at the birthday party all died in a few days. ALL of the kids' goldfish died within a few weeks, which totalled around 200 dead fishes.

Pi was pretty heartbroken about it, so we bought her a beta fish. They're supposed to be pretty hardy things, so I've got my fingers crossed this one will last. It's been two weeks and the fish is blowing bubbles, which means it's getting ready to mate and is building a nest. Too bad there aren't any lady fish around.

I'm a little worried about Pi's creativity or lack thereof because she named the fish.... you guessed it.... Beta! *groan*

My little sister Inky Binky graduated from college with a degree in Psychology! She's heading to grad school to get an MA in School Psych. Congrats Steph!

Speaking of school.... guess who is going back? Oh yeah, ME! I've already got an MA in psych, but the degree is not a counseling degree, as it's mostly research oriented. I'm able to give therapy in the public sector, but can't work in the private sector or get a private practice license in NY or NJ.

I'm heading back in the fall to get an MA in Forensic Mental Health Counseling. This degree will allow me to get licensed and work in just about any environment I want. Eventually, I could even open up my own practice (oh dreams!).

It's been a few years since I was in grad school, so I'm a big ball of nerves. But I'm excited too and hope that this will open up career opportunities for me. I'll never know if I can do it unless I try, so here goes.


Snap said...

Congratulations to Pi and her band advancement.

Betas make good pets ... sorry about the goldfish ... sounds like a really bad batch.

Good for you! Go for it! I know you can do it.

Kristina P. said...

I have no idea you were a therapist! That's great you are going back.

And that is crazy all the fish died!

Bezzie said...

Congrats Pi!!!

Dude, you open yourself a little office and I'll open a Cookieria right next door and we'll send each other business. Come for the therapy, stay for the cookies!

Crafty Christina said...

Kristina, I did therapy in a prison for about a year while I was in school. I'm not working in the field right now (I'm a paralegal now) but I want to get back into therapy. Paralegal work isn't my "forever" job.

Laura said...

Sorry to hear about Pi's fish. I had some beta fish as a kid - just don't put two male fish in the same bowl, because they'll fight each other to death.

Congratulations to you and your sister and Pi!

My husband plays a bunch of instruments - trumpet, piano, and drums, and can read music, but I have zero musical talent. I used to hate the field trips to see the Cleveland Orchestra when I was in elementary school - I'd be ready to doze off in my chair(my husband thinks I'm crazy when I tell him that, ha, ha!).

One of my older sisters is a child psychologist, and director of a group home for teenagers, and does private practice counseling on the side. She makes a very nice six-figure salary from her main job alone, and that's here in the Cleveland area, where salaries are low on average. Once you get that second M.A. I know you can really make some big $$$ there in high-priced NYC/NJ! : )

Good luck with school - I'm sure you'll do fine!