Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

A little note before Tuesday's Tribute begins....

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow and begins the Lenten season. For those that don't know, its the 40 days that we prepare for Easter. The 40 days represent the time that Jesus was in the desert. Every year, I give something up as part of my penance. Usually, its some kind of food item, but with my new diet, there's not much left to give up. So I'm going to do something drastic this year.

I'm giving up complaining! Oh, its going to be tough because I know I complain an awful lot. If I do complain, or think of a complaint, I'm going to stop and say a Hail Mary or an Our Father instead. Maybe a Glory Be if I'm pressed for time or a Serenity prayer if I need patience. You get the point.

So today's Tuesday's Tribute is to a variety of things/people that piss me off, drive me batty, make me crazy, want to punch things, and curse like a sailor. Hey, I need to get it off my chest if I'm not going to complain for the next 40 days.

To the landlord who claims that mice are normal in winter, without offering to hire an exterminator or plug holes. Even when you've caught 6 of those suckers in less than a week. Go suck it.

To the backstabbing co-worker who has no idea what teamwork is, kiss my fat ass.

To the man on the subway who sits with his legs wide open, taking up 2 seats so no one else can sit down...it only needs that much room in your dreams.

To the ex who's child support check is now 24 days late, grow up.

To Aunt Flo that gives me cramps, bloating, and a generally pissed off mood, go fly a kite.

To the other co-worker who speaks at a volume that is beyond loud, shut up!

To the Internet company who's slow connection makes it nearly impossible to post a picture without pulling hair out, go scratch.

And finally, to my insurance company, that doesn't cover eye care or glasses, so a visit and new prescription costs well over $300, shove it!

I'm sure I could think of more if I really tried, but those are the biggies. Wish me luck my friends!


Kristina P. said...

Maybe I should do lent! What will I give up? Sugar?

Anonymous said...

Oh, HAILFAR!!! Good luck! I hope you do it smoothly!! I will keep you in my thoughts hon.

Laura said...

Good luck! You're taking on admirable task, because I know I'd have a hard time giving up complaining for 40 days!

Snap said...

Good luck. Chin up. Go Get 'Em!

Lesalicious said...

LOL omg you have a lot to try to give up there. But, you have to remember all that is totally normal you have to vent sometime or another. Good luck:)

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Get it all out!!!

Laura said...

P.S. If the landlord won't do anything to get rid of the mice, he should let you get a cat! : )

Anonymous said...

now THAT was awesome!! Good luck giving up complaining, I couldn't do it. I was going to give up coffee but then realized that is not fair to those around me. Good luck!! Annony Joyce