Monday, February 16, 2009

Its been one week...

Now that I've gotten Bare Naked Ladies stuck in your head, my job is done. :)

Seriously though, my apologies for not updating in so long. Do you ever have one of those weeks where things just pile and pile until its just a bit too much and just getting out of bed is a chore? Yeah, that was my week. I've got a work deadline this week and have been furiously working to make sure I meet it. I even brought work home with me this weekend. Add some family drama to that and well, it wasn't pretty.

Towards the end of the week, it looked like things were easing a bit and then we got a call that Piper's great-grandpa Morty (on her dad's side) had passed away. Pi just went to visit him 2 weeks ago and he had been looking better, so when we got the news, she was understandably devastated.

It is the hardest, most heart-wrenching thing to see your baby suffering like that and not be able to "fix" it. I just wanted to make it all better and I couldn't. Kissing this boo-boo wouldn't make it go away. It was a nasty parenting lesson where I learned that I can't protect her from everything.

What did seem to help was pulling out Pi's first year album and looking at pictures of Great-grandpa Morty and Great-grandma Rose (she died when Pi was just a baby). She seemed comforted by the idea that they had been reunited for Valentine's Day after not being together in years.

Pi's father didn't think she should go to the funeral (I disagree, but agreeing with Pi's dad is something that rarely happens anyway), so we did our best to distract her and give her a good weekend.

We normally don't make a big deal of Valentine's Day (commercialized fake love holiday and all), but to cheer Pi up, we braved the crowds and went out for dinner. I wore a red shirt and Pi wore a pink one. We painted our nails to coordinate with our clothes.

I managed to get some crafting done this week, though not too much. Using the Lacy Shells Poncho pattern and Vanna's yarn in Autumn with an I hook, I made Pi's American Girl doll a poncho and hat. Ever since Grandpa gave her these dolls for Christmas, she's been trying to collect as many different outfits as she can for then. She wants me to do another poncho for the other doll. If I can, I want to surprise her with this Spring Dress by Bella Bambina.

This is the Schoolmarm vest from Interweave Crochet Winter 2007 in Caron Simply Soft. Its been a work in progress since before Christmas, but I had put it down because my gauge was off and it was too small. Since I've lost a few pounds, I finished it, hoping it would fit. Its still too small by about 10 pounds or so. It closes but looks a little strained, ha! I'm going to use it as a motivation tool to keep my butt in gear. With luck, I'll be able to wear it in 5 or 6 weeks.

Speaking of weight, I lost 1.2 pounds last week. Not a good week, but considering what kind of a week I had, I'm happy to report a loss at all. This week is probably going to be a gain. Between eating out on V-day and polishing off an entire box of chocolate hearts, I don't have much hope for the scale. *gulp*


Kristina P. said...

I'm sorry for Pi's loss!

And at least you're still losing!

CraftyAshley said...

So sorry for the ruff week!

And you are not slacking off blogging by just missing one week, HA! You don't know what true slacking off is! lol

Anonymous said...

!!!! You guys have the most adorable feet!!!! LOVES!! Mine are thin, with long, bony toes. LOL!

Andrea Moberly said...

Sorry about the rough week. I am dreading our first experience of not being able to "fix" a problem for our kids!

I'm glad you got out and enjoyed the holiday though! We make our V-days all about family too :)

Laura said...

I'm sorry to hear about Pi's great-grandpa dying. I know it was a hard thing to explain to my daughter when her grandpa (my dad) died. You're right - sometimes there's just hurts you can't fix for your kids. I took my kids to my dad's funeral, but not the wake. Dominic was only 2 at the time, so he didn't know what was going on, and Bethany was 7, and I figured she'd be upset at the sight of my dad in the coffin at the wake.

The doll poncho and hat are cute - I love that pattern! The vest is cute too! And even losing one pound is great, especially considering how much weight you've lost so far.

I hope this next week will be better for you.

Caroline said...

So good to hear from you. Hope things are looking up! The poncho and hat for the AG doll are darling and your vest is beautiful. great color choice and the stitch detail is great. It'll look wonderful when you get to wear it.

Bezzie said...

Condolences to Pi!

And if it makes you feel better--companies nowadays put less product in their packaging and charge the same price as they used to. So that box of V-day chocolates is probably LESS than what it was a few years ago! ;-)

Subway Hooker said...

Poor Pi! I hope she's feeling a bit better about the loss of her Grandpa.

And you know, slower weight loss gives your body time to adjust without going into starvation mode. You really are better off by taking it more slowly. Congratulations on sticking with it!

Ally said...

So sorry for your loss(especially Pi, how old is she?)

Very cute poncho & hat, I bet Pi will love the spring dress for her doll! I really like that vest too!