Friday, February 20, 2009

Mojo's coming back!

The crafting mojo is coming back. I crocheted and sewed! Woot!

I was able to sew up some baby bibs from the Chickpea Studio Bib pattern before my mother kindly asked that I return her sewing machine this week. Somehow, when she asked for it, I felt a deep sense of mourning. It was literally painful to give back….there might have been silent tears, but I won't confirm this.

I don't have pics of the bibs yet, because I need to buy sew-onVelcro. I have sticky Velcro but figured that was a disaster waiting to happen. I'd considered buttonholes but mom's manual confused the living daylights out of me. If I'm going to break a sewing machine while learning buttonholes, I'd rather it wasn't my mother's.

The painful parting with the sewing machine led me to make a few realizations.

1. Although I still suck at sewing (I suck bad!), I really enjoy it.

2. If I want to get better, relying on my 1960's machine with the temperament of an old grumpy man, is a bad idea.

3. I need to buy my own (new) machine with some of my tax refund. I'm going to start researching and hopefully make a decision on which one sometime soon.

4. Guilt over realization #3 started to set in and then realization #4 occurred. I worked hard all year and deserve a sewing machine to make my crafty fingers happy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Ok, I've actually got FO's to show. Pi's second Americal Girl doll (I mentioned that Grandpa got her two of them for Christmas, right? And that he spoils her rotten, even though I've asked him not too?) was jealous that the other one had a poncho and she didn't. This is what Pi told me anyway. So I made a second poncho, also the Lacy Shells Poncho from Luv2Crochet. I went with an easier hat this time though. Just rounds of dc with shells on the last round.

I also saw this Spring Fling Garden Party dress pattern on Crochetville and thought it was cute. Pi wanted it to be a little shorter (great, less yarnand time!) so I made it knee length. I think its pretty cute! It was a smart design because its open in the back, all the way to the waist, so its easy to dress the doll. It closes with buttons instead of being sewn all the way up. Pi wants a second one, but she's yet to pick the colors.

Just to keep myself accountable, I lost 1.6 pounds this week. I'm really happy with that, considering all the cheating I did last weekend. It's a total of 18 pounds now. Not too shabby for 6 weeks!

I'm itching to get back to my lace scarf. Hopefully this weekend!

P.S. - I was flabbergasted at how many of you don't drink coffee. Especially those of you with kids!


CraftyAshley said...

Those dolls look oh so cute! What a great Mommy Pi has! Great job with losing more weight! Also good luck with finding a sewing machine, you know I love my brother machine it makes sewing as easy as sewing can get. That is when it is not frustrating! lol

Laura said...

Yes, I despise coffee, and I don't even like tea, not even iced tea (unless it's what my husband calls "fake iced tea" - sugar free powdered iced tea mix) - I guess I'm just weird, ha, ha!

The dolls clothes are so cute! There's a crochet pattern book called "Hooked for Toddlers" that has a really cute pattern for an American Girl doll dress done in Patons' Grace yarn. I found the book at the library.

I so want to learn how to sew one of these days, and get a sewing machine. My income tax refund ended up going largely towards a new washer and dryer, and bills. Just think of getting a new sewing machine as a reward to yourself for losing weight, so you won't have to feel guilty about it!

Kristina P. said...

I love that doll dress! So cute. I sort of wish you could make me a life size one.

Lesalicious said...

I know Pi has to be happy about those dolls they are way to cute with there outfits on. Good luck on find you a great sewing machine. I can say Singer and Brother has done great to me for many many years. I totally am loving my computerize sewing maching that I got for less then 2 hundred dollars off of Ebay and it has worked miracles as you can see with my projects. LOL. Good luck can't wait to see how that bib you made turns out.:)

Bezzie said...

I'll drink that watery sugary gas station coffee...

I'm with you on the sewing machine. I get the feeling if my machine wasn't so craptacular, I'd be more into it. But it's kind of a door I don't want to open you know? Haha!

Andrea Moberly said...

I got myself a sewing machine last year and have not regretted it once! I got a Brother machine and its so cool :)

Love the doll clothes, and way to go on the weight loss! I'm down about 10 lbs in 6 weeks, so you've got me beat! Keep it up :)

Snap said...

The doll outfits are adorable. Pi has good taste and You! I don't like coffee either. I drink a lot of tea.

Subway Hooker said...

I have a total POV on the sewing machine issue. Unless you can really splurge on a good one (read: expensive), I would not recommend buying a new Singer (it is just a licensed name and not a manufacturer anymore) or anything sold in, say, Walmart or Target. Take a look at Kenmore from Sears if you want new - they are generally well made and moderately priced. Otherwise, you might want to get an older, used machine and have it repaired, cleaned and oiled by a repairman. These older, simpler machines have more metal parts (which is good), fewer breakable plastic parts, and are generally easy to repair and maintain by yourself, if needed. All of my machines are old (pre-1965) and are total workhorses, complete with fancy stitches and buttonhole makers.

In my costume design days, I'd destroy those new Singers literally in one night of sewing. They can't take any kind of intense sewing and can't go through heavy fabric, even with the appropriate needles.

Let me know if I can help you with the search!

Jae said...

The dolls are gorgous I love it. Ok one day I will get that good lol

Anonymous said...

I still want a doll of my own. I had an old Barbie in America, but she didn't make it here. (sad sigh) Tell Pi I am jealous,,,,, I love her dolls! oh, and let me tell you! I might drink a bit of Italian coffee, but another friend just sent me a baggie of Maxwell House! YYAAYYYY!!! I am going in search of our American coffee pot tomorrow!!!

Beansieleigh said...

I LOVE the doll dress! I have a doll, from when I was a very little girl, that no longer has the dress she came in when given to me as brand new. While the original outfit was not crocheted, this style, even the colors, are as close as I have seen YET to the original! I was pleasantly surprised to see yours (oops! Pi's!)... I may be trying this pattern out soon. If and when I do, I'll post it to my blog for anyone who'd like to see it! Thanks for sharing!