Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vanessa's baby shower

Yesterday was my cousin Vanessa's baby shower. It was alot of fun and I even won a baby shower game, heehee!

Here's a pic of my cousin opening the Through Any Window Baby Blanket. It was very well received! She liked it so much that she passed it around. It's really heartwarming when someone appreciates something you've made for them.

She received some other crochet baby items that were too cute! I didn't get a pic, but my favorite one was a little pink dress with pineapples on the skirt. My new obsession is pineapples! I must get that pattern.

Here's my grandmother and I (my aunt cut our heads off, oh well). This is the grandma I made the Seraphina Shawl for at Christmastime. Isn't she adorable?

Don't be fooled by her innocent looks. She's quite the raunchy little thing!

I'm off to meet the villers soon! :) Happy Sunday!


Bezzie said...

Hee! I love sassy grandmas!

Laurah said...

Pineapples are the best! I have to get the Cochet a Day calendar so I can try the pineapple scarf you did.
It's kinda exciting to hear that the blanket was well received. Isn't it such a great feeling when people appreciate and enjoy all your crochet gifts?
And yea for winning a baby shower game!

Laura said...

The blanket is beautiful, I'm glad your cousin loved it! Lucky you to still have your grandma around - I didn't know any of my grandparents. My grandfathers both died before I was born, and both of my grandmothers died when I was very young. : ( Have fun at the brunch!

Lesalicious said...

Love the blanket of course. Glad your cousin loved it. Awww look and you and your grandmom awww.:) how cute.:) Oh have fun at your brunch today.:)

Caroline said...

Love the blanket! I, too, am "blocked" at work. I cna't blog either. I have to check from my mobile device! Can't keep a good woman down for long!Keep me posted on how your mitten quest is coming...I'm going to start a pair tonite.

Anonymous said...

The blanket is gorgeous! I have chosen you as one of the recipients of the You Make My Day award, on my blog!

CraftyAshley said...

That blanket is soooo cute. I really can't wait to start mine. I'm glad your cousin liked it. I hope the meeting with the villers went good.

Chelle said...

Hi Christina! Email me and tell me which character or colors you would like me to make the cabbage patch outfit in :)