Friday, January 11, 2008

Teeny Tiny Ami's

Check out the teeny timy ami's I made! They're part of a last minute Holiday ROAK over at Crochetville. The recipient doesn't read my blog that I know of and she should have this today, so I'm posting them.

The mouse pattern is a free pattern from Kristieskids found HERE. The bird pattern is called Birds of a Feather by Hannah Kaminsky. I found this pattern on Ravelry. I didn't have safety eyes, so I just sewed on eyes. I even gave Birdie eyebrows, which might be a little creepy.

Pi really likes the mouse. I'm going to make her one as a surprise this weekend.

Remember I mentioned I took a boot class camp yesterday? Please elevate my "ouch" to "holy crap!" I.Feel.So.Sore! Walking down the steps to the subway was an adventure. It hurt so badly I was walking super slow while holding onto the rail. That speed is just not acceptable for subway commuters and I was given my fair share of dirty looks. Don't worry, I gave my fair share of dirty looks back.

I'm wondering if this pain is really worth physical fitness. Let's review the facts:

1. I'd like to lose more weight, but its not on my "must do" things right now. I had previously lost 55 pounds. 15 have found me again, so that's a net loss of 40 pounds. I could lose 40 more, but I'm pretty comfortable where I am.

2. Hubby loves me just the way I am and could care less if I lose weight. He feeds me well.

3. I'm happy.
4. I like chocolate. Ok, maybe I should be more honest. Chocolate and I have a love affair going. *insert sappy romantic music here* I love it and it loves me. Life would not be worth living if not for chocolate. Chocolate is another way I know that God loves me. He gave me this wonderful gift of chocolate and I should accept it wholeheartedly. Chocolate is just...perfect. This is my ode to chocolate. And we lived happily ever after.

Ok, so I'm being dramatic. I'll go back to the gym, but I reserve the right to complain about it.

Hope you all have a great chocolate filled weekend.


CraftyAshley said...

I feel bad about your aches and pains. Oh I remember that pain. I too could loose some weight but I just can't get myself to wake up any earlier and eat better stuff. So oh well. I mean I'll try harder. Good Luck and cute ami's!

Laura said...

I love the mouse! That would make a great cat toy if it were filled with catnip! I had to laugh when I read what you wrote about chocolate - you sound just like me! Be happy you lost 40 pounds - that's a big accomplishment. I'd be overjoyed if I could drop 40 pounds. Remember, being a healthy weight is more important than being thin. You don't look anywhere near fat in your pictures. Don't be like my sister who has 3 kids, and is no bigger than a size 5 (honestly!), but thinks she needs to lose weight!

P.S. I'm jealous of you being there in NYC with the subways! Our public transportation here in Cleveland stinks!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha!!! i love chocolate too!! I am trying to break up , but for now we are trying a separation. Ok, so is the mouse modeled after your little friend??? just kidding :) they came so good!! this is anonymous Joycie.

Sharkmeat said...

love those aches and pains! hooray for continuing with the gym. you look great already. anyway, it would be feel good to be able to jump all over the place without feeling your heartbeat raise. on chocolate: in regulated amts it is good for you! but many companies will sell creamed-out, buttered-down chocolate. i am ripping out pg. 48 of runner's world for you for healthy chocolate

Sharkmeat said...


Cami said...

Love the ami's! I too have made these patterns. Just thought they were so cute. I made them for my cats and put a catnip sack in the stuffing. They have since been loved and destroyed and I have them on my list to make somemore. Yours are adorable.

Christina said...

True to her word, sharkmeat just passed that article over our cubicle.

But, but...I like creamed out chocolate.

Bezzie said...

Cute amis!

I cringed in pain when I thought of those subway steps. At least none of those super duper into the bowels of the earth escalators to the lower platforms weren't broken right?

Anonymous said...

That mouse is so adorable! I am hoping I will be able to excersize a bit after we get moved. I am kinda looking forward to feeling my muscles that I forgot about aching.

Laurah said...

Sounds like some major excercise pain! Ouch.
I love the mouse, too. Those big ears are adorable. Laura- that would make the perfect catnip toy. If only I had a liitle kitten!
I've had the Birds of a Feather on my queue for a while. Yours looks great!

Lesalicious said...

I love your latest projects cute. I understand what you mean about losing weight I need to get my butt into gear again. I had once lost 100 pounds but, gain about 50 of that back so I have to get my butt into gear also. I just was working my way so so hard with exercise and counting calories and thangs like that, that I got tried of it and went back to my old ways. I need to get back to it soon. Oh by the way you may wont to check out this online free place called I used to post on there I still do ever now and then they have great recipes, you can list your exercise and it tell you how much calories you burn you can list your food and it lets you know how much calories, fat and so on you is taking it. They give lots of information for people that is losing weight that came in handle for me when I started losing I still post my food ever now and then I just have to get the energy to get my butt up and work out again. Good luck Christina I believe you can do it. Just don't push your self to hard take it one day at a time.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharkmeat!! how is the knitting?? and tell me more about this healthy chocolate!! Joyce

Aurora said...

omg those are just way too cute!!!

Gauge before Beauty said...

The most important part of your workout should be STRETCHING!! Warm up, stretch, workout, stretch!! Seriously, it's good for you and will help ease the aches and pains. I'm going back to derby tomorrow after being gone for over a year, so I'll be sharing your owwies!

Laurah said...

About the camera question - there are two ways to get the front in focus and the back blurred.
The easiest method is to go into auto mode and select the flower icon. You just push down on the bottom circle button and a little flower will show up on the camera and 'fly' to the bottom right corner. To try out the focus just press the shutter button half way. There will be little green boxes where the lens wants to focus. You want to make sure that those green boxes are focusing on the front object and not the distant object. Just press the button all the way to take the picture. If you are trying to focus something very close and the camera refuses to focus, try the manual mode.
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Well, that's pretty much all I know about taking macro pictures with the Canon Powershot A530. You've got a good liitle camera that is user friendly and manually adjustable. I hope my directions will help you out. Good luck with your future macro pictures!

Mimi said...

Personally, I think its more of being consistent with a certain exercise or workout and not the intensity of it...some people are afraid of those aches and pains and think that it is necessary. I totally agree with your thinking, its certainly not something you have to do.
I also love chocolate the same way, can't be happy without it!