Friday, January 25, 2008


Don't get excited, I'm not talking crochet blocks. I mean blocked at work! Apparently some of the youngins were abusing the internet and now all "personal and social networking sites" are banned, so no blogs, myspace, facebook, xanga, or anything remotely social. So I'll only be checking in at night, from home, from now on. Though I can still acess the ville!

This week was Catholic School week and all the parents at Pi's school were asked to donate a small item to the school, to be distributed to a few charities. One of the items needed was baby sweaters. I was only able to whip up one since it was a very last minute request.

Since I've been making so many girl related items lately, I thought I'd do something for a boy and I really like it! If you look closely, the buttons are car shapes! The pattern is Kelly's sweater again. Told you I liked this pattern!

Remember these mittens? My friend Rosanna from work will be having surgery on her hand and will have an even larger cast, which required a super super sized mitten. This one was made with an M hook. Look how large it is!

I also made a simple winter hat for anonymous husband. He wanted something simple but long enough to be folded up. I couldn't find anything that was as simple as he wanted, so I made one up. I haven't gotten a pic yet, but as soon as I do, I'll post the pic and the pattern. The pattern is so simple, I feel silly posting it, but it might help some newbie out there with their first hat, so why not?

Thanks to those who have asked how I've been feeling. The doctor said I don't have bronchitis, but thinks I had a very bad reaction to my flu shot. I'm still feeling under the weather but not nearly as bad as earlier this week. I mostly just have some congestion, but I'm back to work and can function.

This is going to be a busy weekend for me. My cousin's baby shower is tomorrow and then I'll be meeting 3 other local Crochetville members for brunch on Sunday. I'm really excited!!

Hope you're all having a happy Friday!


Laura said...

Very cute sweater - I love the car buttons! That stinks about the Internet! : ( Glad to hear you don't have bronchitis though! I had bronchitis a few years ago, and it took about 2 months before I finally stopped coughing. It was miserable. Then the antibiotic and prescription cough syrup made me so nauseated, that I couldn't get out of bed. I hope never to go through that again!

CraftyAshley said...

Cute sweater. I'm glad you are feeling better. Getting sick bites. Good luck with the baby shower and meeting other villers. How exciting! This summer my family and I are moving out to the D.C. area and I hope to be near some hookers. hehe Have a great weekend!

Lesalicious said...

Have fun with the CVille girls on Sunday. Hope you get much much better real soon. OMG they had to mess it up for everyone at work don't you just hate that. Love the baby boy sweater cant wait to see how your hubby hat turns out have a great weekend:)

Mimi said...

Good job on the baby sweater and mittens...such thoughtful gifts!