Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Jumper

Holy wow, can you believe November is more than halfway over? The month is just flying by!

I managed to squeeze in some sewing time this week. I should have been working on baby shower gifts that I need by tomorrow *gulp* but instead I had an itch to make a jumper for my cousin's 5 month old baby instead.
I winged it based on some finished jumpers I saw on the Internet and a 3-6 month baby outfit for general sizing. It came out cute, but not exactly what I had planned in my head.

Poor Teddy! He's playing Theodora again today, against his will. If Piper were home, I have a feeling she wouldn't be too pleased with Teddy's makeover either. ;)

I used some scrap purple corduroy that was left over from a bunny I made for the same baby and the lining is made from leftover flannel from pajama pants I made for Pi last winter. It looked a little plain, so I added an applique heart. The heart is my favorite part of the whole thing!

The buttons are from a seller at the Carroll Park flea market in Brooklyn.

Of course, after I finished this, I found THIS tutorial. Ahh well, too late for this jumper, but I'm definitely going to give that one a shot soon.

The plan for today is to buckle down and finish those baby shower things I need for tomorrow. So far, I've not been industrious at all. I watched a free movie On Demand and ate two slices of cold pizza for breakfast. I've still got time, right?

Wish me luck, haha!


Kristina P. said...

She will love it. Too cute!

Laura said...

We had the same thing for breakfast, ha, ha! My cat will be disappointed that I threw away the pizza box - she has a strange obsession with pizza boxes. She loves to sit and lounge and sleep on them, and scratch them up with her clawless front paws.

The jumper came out very cute!

Kaye said...

I love the lining! And hey, if it doesn't fit, then she can wear it as a shirt!