Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby Central

Boy, my job has been baby central lately! Seems like nearly every woman of child-bearing age has a bun in the oven.
The latest baby shower was for my dear friend Monica. After waiting 13 years, she's pregnant with her second girl. We threw the shower for her on Friday and in true "me" style, I was fixing the last of the screwed-up-red-wine-binding at 10:30 pm and then washing it around 11 pm!
With the exception of the pink seersucker (thanks for telling me what this fabric was), all of the pinwheels were made from scraps. I used half triangle squares to make the pinwheels and it went together pretty quickly. The quilting is free-motion, which was easier this time around. It's true that practice makes... well, not perfect, but better at any rate.
After seeing THIS doll posted on another website, I had to make her! I tea dyed white cotton to get the right skin tone.* Her face is embroidered, her hair is made with Homespun yarn, and her feet and socks are painted with fabric paint. Isn't she sweet?

Of course, since it was nearly midnight when I finished everything, I realized much too late that I didn't have any wrapping paper or bags lying around. Thankfully, I had some cellophane and wrapped the gifts in that.

Monica was happy.

A paper diaper garland made the room look a lot more festive.

The chocolate chip cookies I baked helped the festive feeling too. The fig newtons were store bought, but a few people asked for the recipe, haha.

Congratulations on your new baby girl, Monica!!

* I took step by step pictures and will post how I did the tea dying a little later this week.


Kristina P. said...

What a lovely gift! I really hope I have a quilter friend when I have a baby!

Laura said...


The quilt and the doll are both just adorable! I'm so impressed with how good your sewing skills have gotten!

I love the idea of handmade dolls. When my daughter was little, I could never find dolls that looked like her, since she's biracial, so getting a handmade doll that looked like her would have been awesome.

Lucky friends/coworkers you have to get such great baby gifts!

Caroline said...

That quilt is beautiful and the that doll is sooo stinking cute!!! Her face is darling! What a lucky mom-to-be!

Snap said...


I'm always amazed at what you get done! There's only 24 hours in a day and only 7 days a week!!! Do you sleep?!!! Amazing!

Bezzie said...

Very cute! (This is the drunken binding quilt?)

I can't believe that Raggedy Ann has lost that much weight though!

And Laura--it's a shame I didn't know you back when, my mom used to make biracial Raggedy Ann dolls back in the day!

Katrina said...

WOW! Great gifts. Love the doll. Everybody is gonna be having a baby so they can get handmade gifts from you!!!! ;-) I've got overdue gifts to make for a baby and one due in November. I just can't decide what I want to do that's my problem. I'm gonna look up the tutorial for the doll and look forward to your step by step photos.