Friday, July 2, 2010

Oops, I pressed something!

I saw that little button in the corner of blogger that said 'new template' and clicked on it. After playing around for a bit, I pressed "apply" instead of "preview." Oops! I lost my old template, so I'm going to be temporarily under construction while I fix things around here.

P.S. - Happy 4th of July weekend!


Laura said...

I really like the new blog look - very cute!

Katrina said...

I like it! Tell me how you got the tabs up top 'Home', 'Get to Know Me!' 'Free Patterns'. I've been wanting to put tabs at the top of my blog.

Katrina said...

Just saw a description on one of my favorite blogs where she talks about how she creates blog banners, buttons, etc. This might give you some ideas whie you're working on your blog. When I get the chance I'll be trying it out myself. Here's the link: