Monday, January 18, 2010

Calorimetry Take 2

You're going to be bored silly, so I'll make it quick. No need to prolong your torture.

My mom's birthday was earlier this month and I'd asked her what she wanted as a gift. She had seen my calorimetry in late December when I went to pick Pi up from her place and said that was what she wanted as a gift. Well, that and 4 dozen pecan tassies* haha.

I said you'd be bored silly, because its not even a different color. She wanted it in gray, just like mine.

The black button was recycled from an old sweater that I got rid of awhile ago.

In other news, I lost 3.1 pounds this week (2) for a total loss of 6.1 pounds. I still hate exercising. Nothing's changed on that front.

Do you all have today off? I don't... my firm doesn't consider this a holiday. Boo! I'm also taking Pi to the dentist this afternoon. I'm praying the dramatics are kept to a minimum.

*No pics of the tassies. They were made quickly and rushed to Brooklyn before they could have a photo shoot.


Caroline said...

Love it! Your knitting seems to be moving a lightning speed!Love the button! we're off today here in KS....tomorrow is a professional aka: teacher meetings....ugh!

Snap said...

Hope your day goes smoothly. The hat is great and I love that you recycle buttons!

Kristina P. said...

Adam and I are both off today, so that's really nice. Congrats on the weight loss!

kado! said...

love it!!!!

and congrats on the weight loss!! yeah!

kado! said...

...S had to go into the city..they do not consider it a holiday either...and how funny S had a dentist appointment this evening too..but just had to cxl it!

Bezzie said...

Hee hee...I made my mom a Calorimetry too. They're kinda fun and instant gratification.

What's a tassie? Sounds like something the girls across the street would wear on their tatas.

Laura said...

Great job on the Caliometry! I really want to attempt one of those, one day, if I can get up the nerve to try short rows!

I had today off from work, which was fortunate, because my husband is sick with some kind of stomach virus (which went from my son to him, and now probably to my daughter, and hopefully won't go to me too), and wouldn't have been able to deal with the kids himself today. Getting extra days off from work kind of makes up for the low pay of working for a nonprofit organization.

I almost forgot - congratulations on the weight loss so far!