Saturday, January 9, 2010

Angel Wings Shawl

Another FO for 2010, though saying that feels like cheating a little since I started it in 2009. It went pretty fast until it got too big to haul on the bus, then it languished on the hook a smidge longer than it should have. I took advantage of the quiet vacation time to finally finish it.

This is the Angel Wings Shawl. Isn't it pretty? The pattern is much simpler and easy to memorize than the Seraphina Shawl, but just as pretty.

Its made with Joanns Rainbow Boucle (not even an entire skein), and a K hook. I was tempted to keep this one but I already have a blue shawl and didn't think I needed another one. So, I mailed it as a surprise to my Aunt Aida.

In other news, I completed week 1 of trying to east healthier and exercise a little. I've lost 3 pounds so far.
(Laura, I've got way more than 21 pounds to lose, probably more around the 50 mark. 21 is just how much I'd lost last year. If only it was that little, LOL).
Stay warm peeps....its freezing like a mother out there! I'm going back to bed. Yay for Saturdays!


Ghost said...

The shawl is gorgeous. Thanks for posting the link.

Andrea Moberly said...

Lovely :) And good job losing weight - keep it up, I know you can do it!

Caroline said...

The shawl is great and so is the color! The temperature is a brisk 0here!!!! Good job on your weight, I've got to get my rear in gear(literally!) too this week and make better eating choices!

Snap said...

Beautiful shawl. Stay warm is right!


kado! said...

oh..if my youngest saw that last pic he would so want one for himself...he would be running around pretending he was Bat-Man all day long!

love it!

Kristina P. said...

So cool!!

Laura said...

What a beautiful shawl! You always amaze me with how fast you whip up projects! I think I'm terribly slow at both knitting and crocheting.

I would never guess you need lose 50 pounds - it doesn't look like it. Three pounds so far is a great start, by the way!

Bezzie said...

Wow, not even a whole skein? Nice!!!

Shoot. I took the boys outside today, it wasn't that cold.

Mimi said...

Fabulous shawl!