Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wrap it, wrap it real good.

Ok, so misquoting "Whip It" isn't going to win me any cool points, but I am a child of the 80s.

Disaster ensued when I tried coasters, so I chucked those to the side for now. Instead, I picked up the S.E.W Everything Workshop book that I'd bought about a year ago.

The wrap skirt seemed simple enough and I had just enough of an old maroon bedsheet left to try it. I figured, if it got messed up, I'd be guilt free since it wasn't fancy fabric.

Note to self: Iron skirt again before pictures.

Its not perfect or anywhere near perfect, but I'm thrilled that I completed it. I just need to find a shirt that makes me look less frumpy, haha.

I think the mojo is coming back, slowly but surely. Finally!

So, what are your kids/neices/nephews/whoever dressing up as for Halloween. Piper and I have been discussing it for awhile, but she can't make a decision and its driving me nuts!


Andrea Moberly said...

Nice skirt! Way to kick-start the mojo :) Anna wants to be a lion this year, which is really lucky since my mom bought her a lion headband/mask thingy without knowing this in advance! Eli still doesn't know what he wants to be, but I bet it will be robot-related.

Karen said...

great skirt!!

Dan is going to be Prince Caspian from Narnia. He purchased his own costume with birthday money. :)

Lorena said...

Look out! you've made a wearable...a nice one too!

I'm trying to talk the grown one into being Frankenstein, he has the NASTY scar on his shoulder for it! and the puny one, well I want him to be Charlie brown, because of his giant head, but he's not into the idea???

Kristina P. said...

I think it's super cute!

Cami said...

super cute. Love the color!

Snap said...

Great skirt. Mojo is coming back! I saw a cute photo of a person *going* as a bowl of macaroni and cheese! Too cute and of course, I can't find it now! ;D

Bezzie said...

Very nice! Skirts are gateway projects!

Chunky's going as Dracula (he was a plain old vampire last year...) and Moochie will be a pirate.

Caroline said...

I agree with Bezzie, skirts are a gateway project. My very first skirt was thrilling too!

No NASCAR at your house????? Be still my heart. SHHHH! I'm only out to my blog buddies and family. LOL

Laura said...

Very impressive for a skirt made from a bedspread - you'd never know it was from a bedspread by looking at it! I still want to learn how to sew one of these days.

My son's latest obsession is Harry Potter, so he's going to dress as Harry Potter for Halloween (assuming the party store isn't sold out already). My daughter is trying to decide between a 50's girl costume (poodle skirt, etc) or a hippie costume - I vote for the 50's girl.

Mimi said...

Nice skirt! I bet you could do it with fancy fabric as well. It would look great for a semi-formal wear paired with a cropped top ;)

Kado! said...

cute skirt!

Nox decided he was gonna be a Ghost-buster...months ago...and convinced his 10 year old brother to be one too ( E is a GOOD sport!) So I bought their costumes on line a couple months ago! I'm glad that is all out of the way!

Dragonflymom said...

I like the skirt...I can't sew! :( Aiden is going as Luigi.....and AJ cant' make up his mind, first it was Zelda, then some other character....he needs to hurry up.