Thursday, October 22, 2009

Whipping the WIPS

Organizing my yarn and projects into the new (to me) chest revealed an alarming number of WIPS. Seeing how many half finished projects there were made me realize I've changed.

I expect my relationships with hubby, spawn, my parents, siblings, and friends to morph over time. But I never....never....expected my relationship with yarn to change. I would only work on one or two projects at a time. I would devote equal attention to them and not start anything else until one was done.

Suddenly, there are WIPS staring me in the face, accusing me of startitis and feeling neglected. I barely know myself anymore. *sob*

Ok, enough of the dramatics, haha.

I'm just forgetful. I start something, put it away for whatever reason, and forget about it. Seems like I've done this a lot lately and there are definitely a handful of projects that need some TLC.

Like the big baby I am, I decided to tackle the easy ones first. This is the preemie granny square blanket I started in May. Yeah...MAY! Its only 24"x 24" inches, so I feel like a schmuck that it sat there so long.

The yarn is Joann Rainbow Sensations and the green is Caron pounder. Using a K hook, I should have finished this in a few days or so. It'll be on its way to a NICU sometime this week.

Another lonely WIP was this electric blue scarf. Kinda makes me want to sing the Electric Slide**. Ok, ok I don't want to sing to it, I want to dance to it. Who doesn't love crappy line dances?
Anyway, I started this garter stitch scarf awhile ago. Knitting has been pretty scarce around here lately, so I needed something simple to practice getting my tension right.
I used size 10 needles and Chenille Thick & Quick, which makes it a fairly quick knit if you work on it consistently. Which I didn't (bet you knew that already), so it took me forever.

Doesn't matter though, because I love it. Its soft, warm and super squishy. Have a closer look. See?
I'm donating this one to a church in mid-town that provides scarves to homeless people. I'm hoping to get a few more done before they need to be delivered in November.
Two WIPS down, 9999999 to go.

**As an aside, a co-worker of mine has never heard of the Electric Slide. How is that even possible?


Andrea Moberly said...

Good for you, gettin your WIP on! I love the scarf, looks super warm. I'm sure someone will really appreciate it! (and seriously, I don't know how its possible for your coworker to have never heard of the electric slide - inconceivable!)

Snap said...

Great WIP's! I really enjoy using my scraps to make something for others. Sometimes I don't use the scraps and just have to go out and buy yarn for the project. I get such a life out of the delivery! Good for you!

Kristina P. said...

Good for you for getting them done!

Cami said...

Um, I'm embarrassed to say that I have a granny square baby blanket almost the same as yours currently staring back as me as a UFO from a long time ago, like two years. Yes, shameful, I know. I needed this inspiration to get it finished, thanks.

Laura said...

Nice projects!

I think I have you beat with the WIP's! : ) My son has been waiting for two years for me to finish this crocheted ripple blankie for him. I feel guilty everytime he asks about it, but I just can't bring myself to finish it because the yarn is scratchy, I ran out of one of the colors, and I messed the pattern up in a few places. I think I'm just going to buy some different (softer) yarn one day and crochet or knit a different blanket for him.

kado! said...

ok...i'm embarrassed...i don't know what a WIP is...but i DO know the electric slide...i can even do it!....does that balance out??!!