Thursday, October 15, 2009

Its that time of year.

For scarves!! Dudes, it was COLD today. The temp on my way home today was somewhere in the 40s. I'm not a fan of the heat, but I'm not quite ready for it to be this cold yet. Especially since I have to pay my own heating bill this year. And I just happened to read an article today that said the Northeast is going to have the snowiest, coldest winter in years. Oy vey!

Back to scarves...One of my co-workers loves crochet and she bought a few hat and scarf sets from me last year. This year, she bought a crochet hat from some random store (it had a tag on it), but couldn't find a scarf to match. So she called me up and asked if I could make a scarf to match.

I'm always up for a challenge, so I said sure. I headed off to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio during my lunch break in search of the perfect color. (Have I mentioned that Lion Brand is within walking distance of work? Soooo dangerous!) Even though Lion Brand had a bagillion shades of green, none of them matched the olive green of her hat.

Just when I was about to give up, I saw a skein of Homespun that looked like it might work. When I held the yarn up to the hat, the green was a perfect match. Score! I used nearly 2 full skeins to make this scarf nearly 6 feet long, as per my co-workers request.

Look how it striped. Pretty!

I know most people hate working with Homespun, but I love it. Its a little difficult to see your stitches, but it makes such a warm, squishy scarf. Its the Ifeoma scarflette pattern and a J hook for anyone who wants the specifics.

Oooh and look what my MIL scored at a yard sale. Its huge! Piper can lay in here comfortably.

Do you know how much yarn this thing holds? Oh yeah...LOTS!


Kristina P. said...

I love the subtle stripes in the scarf.

Andrea Moberly said...

very nice! I'd love to see the hat to see how they match :)

Snap said...

Her mojo is back ... she's hooking! ;D ;D

Laura said...

Very pretty scarf, and lucky you to work within walking distance of the Lion Brand studio! I'd be happy with any kind of craft or yarn shop in downtown Cleveland.
: (

Is that a cedar chest? Those are so nice to have. Cute picture of Pi, by the way - she's very photogenic!

I hear you about the cold. It's freezing here too. I'm ready to break out my winter coat...sigh.

I got hit with two $300+ gas bills two months in a row last winter, even with my furnace at 68-69. The rest of the winter, the bills were still in the $200-$250 range per month. I'm still paying off my balance from last winter.

I could have turned the furnace down lower, but the house was already freezing just at that (it's an older house with an ancient furnace). I was freezing even with wearing fleece pajamas pants, a t-shirt, fleece top, and heavy socks around the house.

I was fortunately able to get on the PIPP (percentage of income plan) progam this spring, with my husband laid off, and me still working at the temp job, so at least my gas bills will be a flat rate this winter. Plus my landlord (finally!) is getting us a new furnace next week, so I think that will lower my gas bills a lot.

Bezzie said...

Nice scarf!!!

Hee hee...I thought that was a coffin at first! Yarn coffin!

Caroline said...

I like how Homespun works up too! reat job on the scarf!

kado! said...

our weather is crazy COLD!!! huh!!!...i just want it to snow already!