Saturday, September 5, 2009

The move

I'm sure you're sick of hearing "the move" this and "the move" that, so I promise, this post has all the details and then we'll move on to regular blogging again.

The day we moved, I went around the apartment taking pics of everything, showing what condition we left everything in. You know, have to make sure we get our security back.

Anyway, after a so-so season with our pot garden, look what I discovered in the backyard! They were finally starting to grow and ripen. We left them there and hopefully the next people who move in can enjoy them (before they discover a Mickey problem and run too).

The tomatoes weren't the only things that decided to sprout. Hubby planted these sunflowers for me ages ago and within the last few days before we left, this sunflower sprouted to be nearly as tall as me. I was so tempted to pick it and take it with me, but decided to let it keep growing instead.

With typical Christina luck, there was a block party the day we were moving, so the entire block was closed off. The movers showed up an hour late and we managed to get the truck down the block without running over anyone playing in the street. Worst movers ever by the way, but I guess that's what we get for going with the cheap movers.

Pi was amazed by the way the movers packed everything into the truck. So much so, that she planted herself in a plastic chair right next to the truck. The movers were patient with her and let her watch.

After taking FOREVER to load the truck, we were off. We didn't get to Jersey until 8pm. It was already dark and I felt so bad about moving in so late. We got unpacked by 10 and just crashed.

This is how we all felt.

So, this is a view of our new street. See that green stuff? Grass! And loads of trees. My allergies are protesting the trees, but I like the trees. Ooh, ooh, did I mention crickets? Oh man, they make that chirping noise all day and night. I had no idea that crickets made noise during the day. After the first two night, I got used to the sound and can honestly say I like it now.

Our downstairs neighbors are super nice. How can you not love someone who tells you they're a hugger and then gives you a big hug when you first meet? I can tell we're going to get along great. The neighbors suggested that we get milkshakes from a place called Cheeburger, which has like 50 flavors or something close to that.
Pi went with a boring strawberry shake but it was good. I didn't get one this time around, but I've got my eye on the Oreo Cheesecake flavor for next time.

This is one of the parks close to where we live. There are parks in pretty much every direction you turn.

Pi being a ham. Not everything changes, haha.
Yesterday, we hopped NJ Transit to visit my parents and grandparents because they've been having serious Piper withdrawal.

Pip is adjusting really well. Our neighbors next door have been awesome with her. They have a 4 year old daughter that Pi really likes and they have a big backyard (and swing set) that they allow Pi to play on. Their daughter comes and knocks on the door every morning, so Pi can go out and play. They also brought over some neighbor kids close to Pi's age (one in her grade actually) and so Pi has already made friends.
She's already gotten used to getting up and heading out the door without having one of us watching her. She's even biked to the ice cream shop with the neighbors. In less than a week, she's already becoming a townie kid. I'm really relieved that she's doing well. We visited her school too and the principal seems amazing! Overall, it looks like this move was the right decision for us.
I never thought I'd say this, but, I like you New Jersey!


Kristina P. said...

It sounds like things are really working out for the best! I'm so happy for you.

Snap said...

Sounds like this was the right move for all of you...and milkshakes, too!

Bezzie said...

It's not the trees--its the ragweed. So the trees are your friend--well until spring-LOL!

Cheeburger! I've heard of them!

Laura said...

Glad to hear the move worked out well for you! Both of my kids have allergies, so I know what you mean about the trees. They're both stuffy and sniffly all spring and summer, especially my son. They're on a few prescription allergy medicines, but they don't help much.

Caroline said...

Hi! It sounds like you all are doing just great!!! I love you r new street and I can just hear the crickets you're talking about. It's locust season hear and the buzz is constant.

I'm so glad Pi has neighbor kids and a play set. Eureka! You have arrived!!! Best of luck in all your new endeavors!!

Subway Hooker said...

Oh, I'm so glad it went well! It makes all the stress worth it! All the best in settling in. When we moved into my dad's house, it took forever to unpack (and there's still stuff in boxes!). And great that Pi is settled into the rhythm of her new town!

CraftyAshley said...

All sounds great except the moving part! Hope you all get settled in well!

Kado! said...

glad you like the new place! sounds perfect! Parks, milkshakes and lots of new friends! have fun!

Katrina said...

WOW! You moved?!?! I'm so behind. ;-) Though it sounds like the move is going perfect for Piper and she's adjusting which is great. I just heard of Cheeburger Cheeburger and I took the kids about 2 weekends ago. We all had meals and it was pretty pricey. Next time I think we'll just get milkshakes and oinion rings. The kids almost ate up all of my oinion rings! I didn't get a shake but my oldest 2 did and they loved it.