Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Egad! Its been nearly two weeks since my last post! Don’t you just love a good reason to use egad? Must just be me, huh?

I’d love to say that I’ve been so craftily productive that I just haven’t had time to blog about it all. I’d love to say that I fear misplacing Piper underneath the pile of FO’s that threatens to take over my apartment. Or that my yarn stash is depleted to dangerously low levels.

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh out loud at that one.

The truth is that I’ve been tired and lazy. There was some sort of Back to School event all last week. The principal’s meeting was a wash because the Biff and Buffy parents couldn’t shut their traps long enough to let anyone hear what was being said. We did get to meet Pi’s teacher who is very young and extremely wet behind the ears. He seems to have a passion for teaching, so I hope that translates into fun and unconventional learning for the class.

Last Friday was the Back to School “block” party. Block goes into quotation marks because it was actually held in the school parking lot. There was a DJ, food, games, and general silliness. It was perfect weather and I had a chance to chat with other parents.

Pi also plays one mean game of water balloon tossing.
How awesome is that expression? Ha!

But not such a mean game in the hula hoop contest.

She was out after 15 seconds or so.

Because I've been so tired, there’s been a whole lot of lazy going on when I can squeeze lazy in! I was especially lazy last weekend when I slept til 12, then took a nap around 3 for oh...two hours! It was heavenly. Pi was with her dad in Brooklyn, so no need to call DCS just yet.

So what have I been doing? Getting up, working, coming home, and crashing.

The place mat I was working on during my commute has been replaced with sleep (dudes, I catch a 6:12 am bus and have to use a flashlight for the driver to see me at the stop) or light reading. In an attempt to cajole the mojo back, I tried sitting at my new craft table to sew some coasters. I figured that was simple enough, but after 2 broken needles and general disaster, I accepted that the mojo is way way off and put it away.

When my mojo is off, I usually head back to the hook (preferably a big one..size J or bigger plskthx) and something that's got the kind of instant gratification bang I need to get things moving again. Since the weather has gotten chilly, a new slouchy hat seems to be in order. Here's hoping that I'll actually have a FO before the weekend is over.

If only I had an ounce of this energy!

Happy Wednesday peeps!


Laura said...
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Laura said...

That's a very socially active and involved neighborhood you've got there!

LOL about the Biff and Buffy parents! My son's school has a whole bunch of them, unfortunately - mostly the moms. They're the parents speeding through the parking lot after school in their SUV's, nearly running down other people's kids, and looking at any non-upper class, non-white collar, non-parshioner, non PTA-going, stay at home mom parents like they have fleas. No wonder so many of their kids are snobby!

You have my sympathy having to get on the bus at 6:15 in the morning. That would kill me. Getting on at 7:45 is early enough for me, and yes, I sleep on the bus most days too!

Kristina P. said...

I really wish I had your neighborhood.

Snap said...

Sounds like a great neighborhood. We all have *down* times of *crafting* ... too pooped to hook or needle ... and that's okay. It will all come back ... and usually OVERLOAD!

Bezzie said...

Flashlight at the busstop! Too funny! I had to do that in Alaska as a kid going to school! Watch out for moose! Oh wait, never mind!

T. Joi said...

You certainly have had a busy start to the school year. Sending lots of mojo your way...Christmas is nearing, which means crafts and baking. And oh how I wish I could take the bus and sleep. I'm envious.

Kado! said...

it's the season for being lazy! Enjoy it! Cold weather makes me want to snuggle on the couch with some homemade comfort food...I plan to do that until Spring! ;)

Cute pics..looks like fun!

Andrea Moberly said...

good for you for taking a break - its healthy now and again!

Lorie said...

Such fun pictures! And you forgot to mention that you were too busy leaving comments for me!!