Tuesday, July 7, 2009

She's 83 again and she got my first quilt!

This past weekend, we celebrated Dirty Grandma's 83rd birthday again. We thought she was 83 last year, but we were wrong and apparently, she's 83 THIS year. Oops!

Dirty Grandma says "Thanks for coming t'mah party holmes." That Dirty Grandma is so badass!

After getting the ghetto out, she was feeling sweet enough to take a picture with me. She posed for so many pictures with so many people, it was like the paparazzi were after her. I think it must have been her American flag birthday star headband. Like I said before...badass!

Here are just a handful of cousins. Starting at the top left is Jeannie, Crystal, Nikki, Steven and me. When I was in the sixth grade, an eighth grader was bullying me. Jeannie (who was in 7th) kicked that bully's butt for me. Talk about love!

Grandma's cake was the little one on the right. There's a bakery here in Brooklyn that makes sugar free, diabetic friendly cakes and cookies. Its awesome that Grandma can actually eat cake on her birthday now. The other was a sugar filled, teeth shattering badboy from Costco.

She claps for herself when singing Happy Birthday. Oh, it makes me giggle.

She opened presents, including a quilt from yours truly. Its my first!

That skinny person is not me, its Jeannie. I only wish I was that thin!

Even a badass Dirty Grandma can get worn out. She conked out in her chair after all the excitement. The nap did her good though...after she woke up, she partied til 10pm, which is past MY bedtime.

Here's a flat pic of the quilt. The yellow is an old flat sheet that I'd never used and some blue fabric my mom had never used and gave to me. The squares are 8" across, making the quilt 40" x 48" (lap size) and they're not lined up perfectly. I need to learn to cut more accurately, but even so, it turned out really well, methinks.

I stitched in the ditch, although I might have veered off the ditch one too many times. The binding wasn't as hard as I imagined. It really is one of those things you just have to do, because it looks more scary on paper. I machine stitced the binding, using a blanket stitch, but will probably just edge stitch it with a straight stitch next time.

Overall, I love it. Look at the crinkly goodness!


Kristina P. said...

Your grandma is awesome! As is that cake.

Bezzie said...

Dude, is she throwing a gang sign there in the first picture? Hahahahahahaha!

Love the quilt!

Karen said...

I love that she's throwing gang signs!

And the quilt is awesome!!

Andrea Moberly said...

The quilt is awesome :) Congrats on another first! And happy birthday to your Grandma - gotta love family!

Snap said...

What a hoot your grandma is! Happy Birthday, granny! And, your first quilt! What a lovely gift. Straight from the heart!

Lorena said...

Happy birthday, Grandma!
Lovethe quilt! GREAT JOB!!! Have you started another yet?

Laura said...

Your dirty Grandma cracks me up, LOL! You're lucky to still have her around, in her 80's. Both of my grandfathers died before I was born, and both of my grandmothers died when I was really young, so I never knew any of my grandparents. Yesterday was my dad's birthday - he would have turned 70 if he was still alive (he passed away 4 years ago). I still miss him a lot.

You and your girl cousins look a lot alike!

The quilt is so pretty, by the way! I love quilts!

Mimi said...

Your grandma rocks ;)
good job on the quilt, wish I could sew something like that...

Cami said...

it is perfect! I love it and I'm sure she does too. Great job on your first quilt.

Katrina said...

WOW Christina! Great job on the quilt. I've been catching up on your blog tonight. You're really doing a wondeful job sewing. You're a natural! ;-) I have so not been reading my usual blogs lately. VBS, Church Camp and Facebook have been occupying all my time. I've gotta get back on it though. The kids start school on Monday. Yes, kids plural! So I'll only have 2 at home. ;-)
I still owe you that purse pattern. I haven't forgotten