Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Handmade Birthday

Well, mostly a handmade birthday. Here's just a peek at some of the stuff hubby and I made for Piper's day.

Hubby and I usually decorate Pi's bedroom while she is asleep the night before her birthday, so she'll wake up to something fun. I'd bought a Happy Birthday sign but misplaced it and was frantic about not having decorations for her room last night. So, at about 10:30, I pulled out the sewing machine, grabbed fabric that I hoped coordinated and made a fabric pennant banner.

Not too bad for a last minute, desperation project!

Ice cream cone shaped sugar cookies. We made five dozen to share with family!

Cupcakes for Pi's camp troop.

Don't forget the chocolate lovers!

Two dresses for Pi's American Girls. After making the pink one, and having loads of trouble with it, I couldn't bear to make another one just like it, haha! So, I opted for a simple pillow case style dress. She loved that they were different.

And...sleeping bags for the American Girls. Pi had been eyeing some on Etsy and they looked fairly simple, so I gave it a whirl with some scrap fleece I had lying around. These were a big hit.

Even with cupcakes, there still has to be a birthday cake. Pi requested a black and white cake, no sprinkles. The flower candles are from Crate and Barrel. Just a tip if you buy candles from them...light them at the last possible second because they melt insanely fast and drip all over.

Hubby surprised Piper with roses and 9 balloons. I didn't get a picture of them, but it was really sweet and she felt like such a big girl to have received flowers.

Man, I'm tired. I'm not going to even think about baking....until Friday when I have to make more cupcakes for her Saturday bowling party. LOL


Kaye said...

Go Mamma!!! I'm not sure which one of those projects is my favorite!!

Snap said...

Wow! Well done! Piper is a lucky girl to have such a talented Mom.

Caroline said...

Love all the sewing and baking projects!Birthdays go by so quick!

Kristina P. said...

Cookies, cake, and cupcakes?!? Dream come true!

Andrea Moberly said...

awesome :) What a sweet way to celebrate your little one!

Laura said...

Wow, Pi is fortunate to have such a great mom! I love all of the projects, and the cake and cookies look delicous!