Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I was ROAKed today! My wishlist is pretty old...from last October I believe and my ROAK group hasn't been active in awhile so I was really surprised to find a package waiting for me.

My anonymous fairy godmother sent me a whole load of goodies and pretty much cleared out my wishlist! She sent me 3 skeins of Moda Dea Tutu yarn, an afghan hook, a yard of frog fleece, homemade soap, bathsalts, and gel, a soap scrubbie, an 8" square for a friendshipghan (my first one!), and stickers for Pi! I feel so spoiled. Thank you so much FGM!

I went through some pics on my camera and found a project I'd done a few weeks ago, but had forgotten to post. I made the Berry Bag from CrochetMe. This was a super fast project. Instead of using white beads for the seeds, I just embroidered with black yarn.

The bag opens to be a market shopping bag. I used acrylic, so it stretches alot more than I had anticipated. That's ok, it'll fit a whole butt load of stuff. In this pic, its stuffed with 2 caron pounders and 10 granny squares.

Don't mind my pajamas. I didn't feel like changing for the pic and since they're sweats, you can tell it was in much cooler weather than we're having now.

The heatwave has supposedly broken. Its not 98 but today was still close to 90. Still too hot for my taste. We had a huge thunderstorm last night. I was amazed at the amount of hail we of the biggest storms I've seen. Fall weather...are you coming back soon?


Bezzie said...

What a clever bag!!

Yeah still not cool enough for me either, but I might actually be able to sleep tonite.

Lesalicious said...

Loved the gifts you got. The berry looks cute yet very neat. You did great on both of your latest projects.:)

Laura said...

That bag is so cute, and how cool that is opens up into a market bag!

The weather has cooled down a little here in Cleveland, too. I'm with you - I can't handle that 90+ degree weather, either.

Lucky you to get that big box of goodies!

P.S. Speaking of heat, would your landlord let you put in any window air conditioners? My husband and I don't have central air in our house, but our landlord let us put up a few window air conditioners, and they really help a lot. We got one for our living room for about $150, and it actually cools down the entire living room a lot.

Zuleika said...

What a nice surprise! Unexpected gift mail is the best! :-)

That bag is really cute and surprisingly large. Looks like a small child could get in there quite comfortably! :-) Not that you would need to do that. ;-)

Laurah said...

Wow, that is a generous fairy god mother! Looks like she/he sent some useful craft stuff.
I like that strawberry bag. Very cute!
Here in the Northwest we've got nights in the low 50s and days in the 60s. Except for a week or so we haven't broken the 70s yet. In eastern WA it even snowed! This is fine with me. Anything above 70 degrees and I hate it. Hope the weather has cooled down for you!

Caroline said...

I love the bag! Great design! While you guys are sweltering, we're being blown and washed away. Kansas has had a record of over 70 tornadoes this season. Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

That is a great RAOK!!! And I love the berry bag!