Monday, September 24, 2007

Ribbit Ribbit

I was working on a poncho for one of my co-workers for the last few days. As of yesterday, I was 3 skeins into it and had quite a bit done. I decided to try it on and see how it looked. Hated it! The stitches just didn't look right (even though it was a simple DC pattern) because they looked really stretched at the end.

Also (and this is the worst part), the points of the poncho were starting to point in different directions rather than down. The front point was headed to the left while the back point was headed to the right.

This is where the debate in my head I frog it? Or do I convince my co-worker that this weirdly pointed poncho was the newest style. I could convince her...sure...ummm...maybe not. My powers of persuasion are good, but not that good.

My sweet hubby confirmed that I should probably frog it and start over again. I'm very lucky he's willing to listen to my crochet babble and actually give helpful commentary. He's very supportive of my hobby (addiction) and even supports the ridicilous amounts of yarn purchases I make. I digress...

So, I frogged the entire thing. *sigh*

This does have a happy ending though. I found another poncho pattern that I like *much* better! Its made with shells and I love shells!

On another note, this past Friday, my hubby and I went to the PTA meeting at the little monster's school. First, its sad how many parents did not show up. I'd say there were 10-15 parents tops!

Anywhoo...the principal was trying to come up with fundraising ideas for the school year and I thought, why not a crochet class? So I offered to teach a beginner's crochet class for a few weeks at a small fee that the principal can decide on to raise money for the school. My daughter's teacher offered some left over yarn stash for the class to practice with too! Me thinks this is a good idea...I'm helping the school while doing something I love!

What do you think should be the project I work on with this class? A simple pot holder? A scarf? Anyone? Bueller?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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