Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby Life Quilt

Over the past year, there have been quite a few babies born to friends and family.  At last count, there were 4 new babies born within the year.  One of these sweet babes is little Lily.  Lily’s mom, Becky, and I are cousins and we grew up together.  I probably spent just as many holidays with Becky and her sisters, as I did at my own house.  Actually, this is still true, since we head over to Aunt Aida’s (Becky’s mom) every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. 
Even Piper has a special connection with Becky and has told both of us that if something were to happen to hubby and me, she wants to live with Becky.  The pool in the yard might have a *little* something to do with it, methinks.  I was a little concerned (teeeeeeny bit) to learn that my 12 year old already has a contingency plan in case of our early demise.

Tangent, sorry. 

When Becky announced she was pregnant, I knew I wanted to do something special.  I searched through a lot of patterns, but when I came across the Baby Life quilt, I knew THAT was the one! 

Making the quilt was a collaborative effort.  Piper wanted to help trace and cut out all the letters.   As much as I have come to love appliqué, I am not a fan of tracing and cutting, so I wasn’t about to turn down the extra help.   The only thing she asked was that I tell Becky that Piper helped make the quilt too, which I was happy to do. 
Pi and I decided to use a bunch of purples for this quilt.  As much as we both love pink, something just screamed purple.  Now this is where it gets ESP freaky.  I hadn’t asked Becky what color her nursery was going to be.  One day, while over for a BBQ, she showed me the nursery that had just been painted… purple!  Uh-huh…that is some freaky cousin connection there. 

Loved making this quilt and I love love love the way it turned out. 
For the back, I pieced together the leftover purple fabric. 

As pretty as it is alone, a sweet baby always makes a quilt look better.

Seriously, who couldn’t love that face?


AngelRoseLite said...

What a beautiful quilt. Well done!

Kaye said...

Too cute! The baby and the quilt!
I probably would have modified to add "poop" in there somewhere!

Snap said...

Too cute! I love eat, play, sleep, repeat! Good ideas for all of us adults, too! You and Pi did a great job! And, more special, done with love.

Laura said...

What a sweet quilt, and a cute baby, too!

I just found out yesterday that I am going to be a great aunt (makes me feel old - sigh...), so I am excited about getting to sew and knit some baby things. I wish I had just half of your sewing talent though - you are really good at it! : )