Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ahhh Spring.

Spring is finally here! On one hand, I feel like it took forever to get here, but on the other hand, I can't believe it's already May.

I've been on Spring break for a few weeks. Not having to go to class has been nice, but I'm still up to my neck in papers. I'm finishing up the last one that's due and then it will just be finals. I'll be a free woman in 4 weeks.

Not having to go to class has meant a little extra time crafting time. One of my co-workers asked me to make her granddaughter a hat. She didn't care what kind, so long as it was pink and brown and had a flower.

Piper's bear Teddy was willing to model a pink hat, since Piper was asleep and unable to protest.

I found the pattern on Ravelry and of course, forgot to que it and now I can't find it to share. I'll have to dig up the paper copy to figure out which one it is and I'll post it when I find it. I used THIS pattern for the flower, but left off the picots.

No sooner did I start knitting when I realized that I needed new stitch markers. I asked Andrea over at Knits and Knots if she made any, because she'd sent me a great set a few years ago. She pointed me to Endless Forms, which is run by her sister. Crafty talent clearly runs in the family.

Look how cute the stitch markers were packaged! The stamping on the paper is such a nice touch.

Aren't they pretty? They work like a dream and I love them. She sells really cute jewelry too.

I'm uber late on posting our class project for Easter, but here it is anyway. I saw this idea HERE and fell in love. Cheap, easy, and cute. Plus Piper said it wasn't too "babyish" which is a requirement for 5th grade crafts now. I wish you could see me rolling my eyes now. Ha!

We made over 40 of them with a bunch of different peep colors. Piper said they were a hit. I hope the teacher will forgive me for all the little sugar bits that were probably all over her floor.

What's Easter without dyeing eggs? My neighbor had a party and we were told to BYOE (bring your own eggs). She covered the table in newspaper and let a bunch of rugrats go nuts. She's a braver woman than I! The kids had a blast and we ended up with dozens of cool eggs.

Hope everyone is doing well! Hoping to be around more in a month or so, when school lets out. In the meantime, what have you guys been up to?


Kristina P. said...

Those Peeps packages are awesome!

Andrea Moberly said...

Love all of it! The peeps are especially cute :)

Laura said...

I love the Peeps idea - so cute! My kids and husband think I'm strange because I think Peeps are adorable, but terrible tasting. I just like them for the bright colors and the shapes - I don't want to eat them.

I told my daughter we could get bunny Peeps, dip them in fabric paint, and use them as stamps to decorate t-shirts. She looked at me like I was crazy, ha, ha! I'm surprised she even wanted to dye eggs this year, now that she's 13 and all.

Your eggs and the hat came out very cute too, by the way! The eggs look shiny and almost marbled - did you use regular egg dye?

Caroline said...

Glad to see your never to busy to craft! That hat is adorable, great color choice! What a great idea for the peeps! Thanks for the "Like" amiga!

islandwitch said...

Love the hat!!!
And I agree about the Peeps.

Caroline said...

Hope Pi finishes up her year happy! Don't stress too much over your schooling!