Thursday, January 27, 2011

Go away winter!

A whole month since I've been to the blog! Craziness! January has been a crazy busy month and I just haven't had the chance to sit down and write down an entire post. I'm guilty of being more active on FB lately, which probably doesn't help with getting to the blog as often as I should.

So January in a nutshell... Happy New Year! Wishing you all a year full of happiness! Happy Birthday to Mom and my twin sisters Jennifer and Tiffani (they're 18...holy cow!). Piper and I got sick, got better, went ice-skating, fell on our butts and read James and the Giant Peach (so cute). School started again for me and it's going to be quite the semester. I'm looking forward to it though, because the classes seem really great.

Anyhoo, if you're anywhere except California, then you know all about the snow and ice we've been getting. This pic is from last week when we got another 18 inches of snow in our 4th snowstorm since Christmas.

But that's old news compared to today's ice storm! I tried to go to work this morning and turned right back around when I realized that walking down my driveway would take some major ice skating skills. The entire area is a full sheet of ice. Not long after I went back inside, I heard a nice big CRACK
and looked to see that the tree above our garage cracked right off. We're lucky that none of the falling branches have hit power lines yet.

Not a whole lot of crafting going on, but I did manage to make this mitten. Yes, only one, haha! My co-worker and I decided to make our boss a pair of mittens for Christmas. Our boss is awesome and loves handmade things, so we try to throw something handmade into her gift every year.

We figured we could both tackle one each. After a bunch of re-dos to try to match gauge, we were finally able to start them (a month late, ha!).

Being my first knit mitten, I was confused by the thumb, but thanks to some patient knitting buddies (thanks ladies!), I figured it out. Can I get a woot woot? ;)

The pattern is called the Agatha mitten and can be found HERE. I used a half skein of Bernat Alpaca for this one. My co-worker has the other half skein and is cranking her mitten out now. With luck, my boss will have both mittens by springtime. ;)

My family also started a new "snow day" tradition. If it's a snow day, we bake a chocolate chip coffee cake! Yum!

THIS recipe never gets old!!

Hopefully I'll be back before another month is over.


Kristina P. said...

That looks delicious! You need something to keep you nice and warm in an ice storm!

Andrea Moberly said...

nice mitten and yummy looking coffee cake! I'm on a diet right now or I'd try it for myself :) I'm right there with you with the ice. We've had more snow than normal this year but nothing like you've had! Enjoy the day off :)

Caroline said...

Super yum to the coffee cake, I've tried that recipe(thanks to you!). The mitten looks great, I've been wanting to try one to. We're on day 2 of snow days due to this latest storm. Stay cozy!

Laura said...

Chocolate chip coffee cake - yum!

I hear you about the snow. I don't envy you there in NJ - I know you've gotten hit way worse with the snow that we have here in Ohio.

My son is on his 3rd snow day from school this winter so far, and my daughter on her 4th. Her school was closed yesterday and today, and his was closed today. Our previous governor for some ridiculous reason cut the snow (well, calamity) days from 5 down to 3 in Ohio, so unless our new governor changes it back, a lot of kids are going to have have their summer vacation cut short by a day or two.

I can deal with snow better than the ice. I fell on some ice a few years ago, and broke my right wrist, and I'm totally paranoid about ice now!

Cute mitten, by the way! Maybe one day I'll get up the courage to knit a pair!

Kaye said...

Love the mittens! I was just thinking about that thumb the other day! ;0)

So what, you've made that coffee cake twice a week now? Ha ha! I hope these storms switch to a weekend schedule!