Monday, December 21, 2009

Let it snow!

Last night, we got the first significant snowfall of the season. I'm not sure how much fell, but I think it was about 6 inches or so.

Icicles all along the rooftop.

Can you see Pi's snow angel? This was when the storm was just starting.

I was more than happy to stay inside! Since Christmas is less than a week away and there's a work holiday party tomorrow, I used this snowy weekend to start the Christmas baking frenzy. And bake I did!

I started with strawberry muffins (using fresh strawberries) for breakfast. Good stuff!

Peanut butter kiss cookies. The easiest recipe ever and hubby loves them.

More lemon cookies.

Chocolate chip pecan bars. I found this recipe in the Nestle Holiday Favorites cookbook. It was an impulse buy while I was on line for wrapping paper. After flipping through it, it was a very good buy. I want to make almost everything in it!

M&M chocolate chip cookies. I just replaced 1/2 of the chocolate chips with m&ms. Easy peasy.

Let's not forget my favorite Christmas cookies....sugar cookies! In addition to the trees and green stars, I also made stockings, red stars, and white stars. I'm bringing 5 dozen of these to work tomorrow.

I also finished up some teacher gifts that were on the hook. an Ifeoma scarflette for Pi's English teacher, one for the principal (who is super awesome) and a Divine hat for Pi's math teacher. Pi's main teacher is a man, so Pi is giving him a Giants mug. I don't think he'd appreciate a scarflette, haha.

Dirty grandma's cardigan is making progress too. I finished the body and one sleeve this weekend. Just one sleeve to go! Only 3 days, but I think it can be done.


Snap said...

You've been busy! Love the snow photos and Pi's angel. Happy, Happy and a Ho-Ho-Ho!

Ghost said...

Great work, even the hat and scarves look edible.

Cami said...

What great presents. And ohhhh, love me some lemon cookies! Stay warm in all that snow.

Kristina P. said...

I am coming to your place for Christmas!

Laura said...

Wow, I get tired just reading your posts! You sure manage to get a lot done!

I'm sure Pi's teachers/principal will like their gifts. It seems like most men don't wear scarves. My husband never has. I can't imagine going outside in the winter without a scarf. I love my fleece scarf from Lands' End.

Bezzie said...

I like your massive coating on the sugar cookies! Yum!!!!

Yeah we got about 6" too. I thought it was 4" but then I had to go out and shovel it--oh it was 6"! Ha ha!

Lesalicious said...

Ohhh you making me hungry with all those cookies lol. Love the scarlette great job on those I was thinking about whipping me and my mom up one.

kado! said...

MMMmmm those strawberry muffins sound good..and I printed out the recipe for the Lemon Cookies...they are on my list to make still!

Enjoy your Christmas!