Saturday, April 12, 2008


Last night was Pi's first Reconciliation. She was chosen to be a reader at the prayer service and read the first part of the Prodigal Son parable. You could tell she was nervous because she rushed through it, but I was so proud of her for memorizing it all and speaking in front of all those people.

When it came time for the children to do their first confession, the parents walked up with them and introduced them to the priests. Then we walked away and left the kids to talk with the priests. I could see her, but I couldn't hear anything she said.

I didn't think I would be emotional....I certainly wasn't emotional during my first confession (I was 12). I didn't understand the signficance then. But to see my daughter receive this sacrament filled me with all of this unexpected emotion. I began to cry because it was so beautiful. I don't cry at weddings, funerals, or much of anything in between. When she was finished and had received her blessing, she looked at me and gave me a look to tell me that my crying was embarrasing her.

I'm going to be a basket case when she gets married.

Here she is in front of the church after the prayer service was over (those spots are rain drops).

Pi's cousin Michaela came over for a sleepover later that night. They used blankets to make a tent under Pi's bed (she has a raised bed) and threw the mattress on the floor to go camping. This is what I found when I woke up this morning, haha!

We had a girl scout trip today and I brought the girls to the park to play for awhile. They were so exhausted they fell asleep on the floor while watching Santa Clause 2. Apparently, they've not let go of winter yet. :)

My co-worker rented No Country for Old Men and lent it to me, so I threw it in after they fell asleep. I nearly threw up in my mouth a few times. It was a good movie, but some of the gore was just too much for me. And it ended so abruptly. Anyone else see it? Thoughts?

No crochet to show just yet. I'm alternately working on the secret purse, some daisy squares, and a smidge on the Cathedral Window. I've got crocheters ADD. Hopefully soon, I'll have some progress to show you.


Bezzie said...

Shoot, wait til her 1st communiont!!

CraftyAshley said...

What a cute picture of her sleep over. I don't know if I'm looking forward to that when my Cas grows up. She is 5 so I guess I don't have to much longer. Looks like you had a nice weeekend.

Laura said...

Awww, how sweet about Pi's First Reconciliation! I was raised Catholic, but belong to another religion now, so my daughter didn't make any of the Sacraments. The weird thing is, the Catholic kids at her school did their Confirmations before their First Communions - Confirmations used to be done in the 8th grade, at least when I was a kid.

P.S. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. My daughter also loves the Bobby Jack stuff. I've gotten her a few Bobby Jack hoodies on Ebay, and I actually found her one at Once Upon a Child yesterday.

Laurah said...

Aw, that picture is so cute. Reminds me of all those sleepovers when I was a kid. It's great that she has a cousin so close to her age. My cousin and I were like that and I feel like we were almost like sisters growing up (I only have one brother).
I never saw No Country For Old Men. Must be pretty violent to almost throw up. I did see I Know Who Killed Me. I think I fast forwarded like half the tape because there was so much unnecessary violence and I can't stand to watch torture scenes.

Andrea Moberly said...

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing our children experience their first steps in a relationship with God! What a nice story, thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

awe Chris!! did someone get a picture of your crying???? lol! What a great memory to have!! Your little girl is growing up!
Annony Joyce

Anonymous said...

Ps, have no desire to see Old Country for No Men, the commercial alone freaks me out. Annony Joyce

Artemis said...



Mimi said...

They grow up so will laugh and cry often ;)